TOWN OF ISLIP, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – A Long Island judge stands accused of breaking into a neighbor’s home, but it’s what police say he stole that’s baffling residents even more. He’s accused of taking worn women’s underwear from the residence.

It happened around 9 a.m. Thursday on Donna Place in East Islip.

“There was a 23-year-old girl home alone. She heard noise in the house, she saw an intruder,” Suffolk County Police Chief of Department Stuart Cameron said.

When the intruder realized someone was home, police said he ran off. But officers quickly caught up with him a couple blocks away.

Judge Robert Cicale (Credit:

Turns out, it was a man who should know better, CBS2’s Jessica Layton reported.

District court judge Robert Cicale lives right across the street from the home that he’s accused of burglarizing.

“He was found to be in possession of soiled female undergarments that we believe were either proceeds from today’s burglary or proceeds from a prior burglary at the same location,” Cameron said.

The 49-year-old was elected to the bench in 2015. Before that, he served as Islip town attorney.

It’s unclear how Cicale got into the home or how well he knew his neighbor before the bizarre burglary, Layton reported.

The judge will not only spend a night in jail, but he’ll face a different judge Friday morning when he’s arraigned in a Central Islip courtroom.

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  1. Ed Cole says:

    I’ll bet you anything, before he was caught, he presided over trials wearing nothing but a pair of those panties under his robe.

  2. Anyone else get the feeling that there was something going on between the judge and this woman?

  3. Jim Thomas says:

    Depending on their size, this could be Grand Theft.

  4. malewurmhole says:

    OK, this is baffling. I clicked on the link certain we would be told this is a Republican Judge, else why even write the story? I read it and no mention of the perp’s party affiliation, which means Democrat. Just lock the guy up and move on. Does this journalist think this is important enough to do a google search?

    1. Concur on comment that Judge has to be another fine Demorat This is one of the Judges Mueller is counting on to hear Trumps collusion case.

    2. Rod Reed says:

      Unfortunately, this one’s Republican. I’m not happy about it, either, but you gotta realize you make the rest of us look bad when you make inaccurate assumptions. A simple Google search would have answered your question.

    3. When your bias is so ridiculous you’re too lazy to do a 5 second google search.
      “Does this journalist think this is important enough to do a google search? Well we know you don’t, as he’s a conservative.

  5. Ralph Peters says:

    That is the wrong kind of “briefs” for a judge!!!

  6. “He was found to be in possession of soiled female undergarments”

    Caught him red handed.

    1. Ed Cole says:

      “Something smells fishy about this case!”

  7. Lee M. Bart says:

    And they said Roy Moore was creepy?

  8. Long Island terrorized by the clown Sniffer JUDGE
    You can not make this stuff up, But I would love to hear his explanation to his WIFE and three kids about Daddy’s big adventure with the next door young lady’s “Soiled” under wear on his morning jog. I am SURE the ladies on the “VIEW” will want to discuss this at great length and try to calm all the women down on Long Island Go for it ladies get some interviews with the Judges wife and kids and just cover it wall to wall day in and day out like you cover the other subjects on your show, this is big news for the view

  9. Jeff Lipsky says:

    He is a brilliant amateur chef and he needed that “special ingredient” to make his excellent Bouillabaisse. His dinner guests love it and they always pester him for the recipe.
    He is all like, “Don’t get your shorts twisted but I can never reveal the secret ingredient!”.

  10. Oh come on he only identified as a perv for one day. Tomorrow he’ll again identify as a normal Democrat. Oh wait, 😉 Heeeyyy little girl, don’t worry I’m identifying as a little girl today don’t mind that I’m in the girls room. Just because I’m a mentally disturbed 6’3″ man you should be just fine unless your a evil prejudiced person against perverted deviants like me. The leftists are destroying our society.

    1. Perhaps he awoke that day and identified as the proprietor of a Chinese laundry, one that specializes in “soiled” female panties….

  11. Sorta creep who prevents Trump from deporting illegals.

  12. Dirty panties!!! Sicko.

  13. Kurt Smith says:

    “The judge will not only spend a night in jail, but he’ll face a different judge Friday morning when he’s arraigned in a Central Islip courtroom.”
    And then he’ll be re-elected by his mentally deranged liberal constituents.

    1. Unfortunately most of these seats go uncontested or barely contested. And a lot of people don’t vote very much down ballot, so the few people that bother to fill out a complete ballot have more control than perhaps they should. That part’s not really a liberal or conservative thing, it’s a civil apathy thing.

  14. Gives sex offender court a whole new meaning.

  15. Sarah Newton says:

    I sentence you to 2 years in jail, or 2 nasty panties and 6 months probation–take your pick.

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