(CBS Local) — A Canadian chef who was fed up with vegan protesters outside of his Toronto restaurant gave the activists a shocking demonstration of his own. The chef and co-owner decided to give the vegans close-up look at his craft by carving a fresh deer leg in the shop window.

“I figured, I’ll show them. I’m going to have my own protest,” Michael Hunter of Antler Kitchen & Bar told The Globe And Mail.

Hunter’s counter-protest came after animal rights activists staged small rallies outside the restaurant for three straight months. The vegans reportedly held signs calling the chef a “murderer” and chanted “you’ve got blood on your hands.”

Antler is a Toronto locavore restaurant which advertises that they serve locally grown and farmed foods; including wild animals like deer. “This is who we are and what we do,” Hunter added about his March 23 display. “They’re offending us; I’m going to offend them. So I went and got a deer leg.”

The meat carving was apparently too much for some of the protesters who videotaped the incident and commented on the alarming experience. “We were in shock,” protest organizer Marni Ugar said, via CTV News. “It’s just an animal and we felt sad. For me, I felt sad for a few days after seeing that.”

The protesters claim Antler is misleading customers by serving farmed animals instead of wild animals. They have demanded the restaurant offer less meat and more vegan options on their menu.

The chef responded to the demands by offering to introduce a vegan tasting menu and sending an invitation to Ugar’s group to join him on a foraging trip. The activists have not responded.