NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There were some terrifying moments for PATH train commuters Monday morning after riders said they heard a bang, saw smoke and were forced to evacuate.

It happened around 8 a.m. at the 9th Street station.

“We were on the train and suddenly just heard somebody scream, ‘get the hell out’ when we were stopped at the PATH 9th Street station,” commuter Tim Alexander told CBS2’s Reena Roy. “So I looked as we were leaving, I did see a lot of smoke.”

Some also described hearing a loud bang inside the station. Passengers then evacuated after officials said the train hit an open umbrella on the tracks, which caused a third rail outage.

“There was a lot of screaming,” Alexander said. “Everyone was running for their lives, like hopping over each other.”

The scare also created quite the headache, with commuters forced to get off before their final stop. Alexander said he was late to work after having to walk nearly 20 blocks in the snow.

“This is the last thing you would think would happen on any given day,” he said.

The situation did cause some delays Monday morning, but everything is since back to normal. Workers were able to clear the smoke with exhaust fans.

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  1. If umbellas had been used during the blitz I shudder to contemplate the outcome.

  2. Peter York says:

    I remember looking down from a 4 story roof and seeing a man with an umbrella on the street below. I panicked and jumped off the roof to my death.

  3. Cowards are they who run today
    The fight is beginning…
    No war with knives, fight with our lives
    Lemmings can teach nothing
    Death offers no hope, we must grope
    For the unknown answer
    Unite our blood, abate the flood
    Avert the disaster…
    There’s other ways than screaming in the mob
    That makes us merely cogs of hatred
    Look to the why and where we are
    Look to yourselves and the stars and in the end
    What choice is there left but to live
    In the hope of saving
    Our children’s children’s little ones?

    1. Alexa Schuck says:

      what is wrong with you

  4. Somebody shouted “Hey, this train goes to New Jersey!” and panic ensued!

  5. Will Jamison says:

    Holy bumbershoot Batman! The Penguin strikes again!

  6. All he would need is a few firecrackers I’m afraid..

  7. I have no doubt that if Orson Wells did war of the Worlds today half of New York would believe it and panic.

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