NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There are only two weeks left to get your taxes filed, and many people expecting refunds are anxious to get their hands on that cash.

A new warning was issued Tuesday to avoid getting rapid tax refunds, especially for those who need every dollar owed to them.

Tax officers were packed as people rushed to file their returns before the April 17th deadline. Many getting money back say they need it desperately.

No matter how anxious you are to get your hands on that money, a group of clergymen and lawmakers are urging people to have patience and forego services that promise getting your money to you quickly.

“They call it rapid refund, we call it rapid ripoff,” Bishop Mitchell Taylor said. “They are advertising to low income New Yorkers and trying to convince them to come in and get their taxes done and then get their refund at five in the afternoon instead of waiting.”

The message shared at a press conference Tuesday afternoon was aimed at low-income New Yorkers, but CPA John Lieberman says it applies to almost everyone.

“They know how much money you’re getting back and they will give you an advance but just like a bank they will charge you interest, fees and other things that you should be aware of,” he said.

Experts say it just doesn’t make sense to pay to get your tax refund if you don’t have to.

Low-income New Yorkers who qualify are encouraged to do two things; skip rapid refunds and visit one of the hundreds of free tax preparation centers across the state.

The refunds themselves are legal, but experts say they’re rarely the right choice for low-income families.