NEW FAIRFIELD, Conn. (CBSNewYork) – In May, tens of thousands of well-wishers will descend on the English town of Windsor for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s wedding.

Donna Werner, from New Fairfield, is planning on making the transatlantic trip. To put it mildly: She’s quite a fan of the royal family.

“OK, so this is what I’m going to wear on the day of the wedding. I’ve got my tiara, which I’m going to make a veil,” Werner said.

The self-confessed royal superfan’s home is crammed full of mementos of previous British royal celebrations.

Werner, 66, is going to extraordinary lengths to make sure she has a front row seat when Harry and Markle pass through Windsor on their big day.

“My daughter lives over there, so I already shipped over my tent, my little pink princess tent, a sleeping bag, camp chair, insulation for the ground, because I’m going to be sleeping on the streets for three, four nights,” Werner said.

Competition for a good view will be tough – Windsor has gone royal wedding crazy. Thousands will line the streets May 19th. Hotels are sold out.

Werner has experience with big royal events. In 2011, she camped out on the streets of London for Prince William and Kate’s wedding. She was in the U.K. for the queen’s 90th birthday too. It’s an obsession her family has learned to accept.

“They think I’m nuts. They think I’m crazy. They’re just like ‘Ma, get over it.’ It’s like, you know, they really don’t understand it,” Werner said. “But you know, they just sort of giggle and laugh and it’s like ‘Oh yeah, my mom, she’s a royal superfan.'”

A superfan who is determined to capture more royal memories to take back home.

Werner’s passion for the royals even extends to her children’s middle names: She chose Elizabeth for her duaghter and Spencer for her son.


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