NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Instead of trashing your old devices, recycle them and you might get a little something extra in return.

If you’re doing some spring cleaning this weekend, don’t throw your old phones, batteries, bulbs or computers. If you want to recycle them properly, the first place to try is the manufacturer.

Apple stores will take your old products and in some cases you’ll get a gift card or credit. Dell also offers credit for trade-ins of old electronics. Samsung does recycling through, where you can print a free return label.

If you have rechargeable batteries or cords, take them to a recycling kiosk inside all Best Buy stores. Best Buy and Staples will also accept larger e-waste items or you could also take them to a Goodwill store for recycling.

Some bulbs such as CFLs or fluorescents contain mercury. Many Ikea or Home Depot stores can take them.

Also try and enter your zip code and product type to find a list of nearby drop-off points.

Some charities like Medic Mobile and FreeGeek will also take electronics for recycling, either to refurbish or to fund new phones for their projects.

It’s illegal in New York City to put electronics in the trash as of a few years ago. If you live in any of the five boroughs, make sure you recycle your old devices.