NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — People across the globe have been showing their support after 15 members of a junior hockey team were killed in a bus crash in Canada over the weekend.

Players across the Tri-State Area and across the world are coming together by posting pictures of their hockey sticks. The tributes have poured in from Canada, to Australia, to back home using the hashtag #PutYourSticksOut.

Supporters have written such things as “leaving it out on the porch tonight, the boys might need it wherever they are.”

“Leaving these out tonight in Dublin, Ireland,” Aaron Murphy tweeted. “Even this far away, the Broncos accident saddens people deeply. As someone whose been on such busses many moons ago, I can’t fathom the heartbreak of those close to the tragedy.”

Islanders captain John Tavares also showed his support.

The New Jersey Devils were on the practice ice Tuesday morning preparing for their first round playoff series. The tragedy hit home for one of their players who is from Saskatchewan and played in the same junior hockey league as the young men who died.

“Whether you’re from Humboldt or Saskatchewan, New Jersey, it doesn’t matter,” Damon Severson said. “You see people everywhere putting their sticks out.”

Severson adds “it hits real close to home.”

Tributes have been seen across the NHL, with players wearing the team’s nickname — the Broncos — on the backs of their jerseys. Many have helped contribute to the GoFundMe page that has raised more than $6.6 million for those directly affected by the crash.

Many pros can related because they, too, took those long bus rides on their road to the NHL.

“Could have been any number of guys that have been on busses,” Devils star Brian Boyle said. “Probably 100 percent of the guys here, you have that feeling as a kid travelling with your buddies, those aspirations and goals in your mind to be able to play.”

The Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League announced Monday that it will set up a support program for the families of the victims, and is still discussing whether its playoffs will move forward in the wake of the tragedy.