HICKSVILLE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – Commuters in Hicksville say they deal every day with a shortage of parking spots.

People want to know what authorities are going to do about the parking problem.

For LIRR riders commuting from Hicksville, workday stress before they even get to the office: Just try finding an empty parking space in the municipal parking garage in the morning.

“How easy is it to find a parking spot here?” CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez asked commuter Yuri Shif.

“At this time? It’s not easy,” Shif said.

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Now the parking nightmare is about to get worse, Sanchez reported. The town of Oyster Bay is shutting down the Duffy Avenue parking garage near the Hicksville train station for three months starting in July.

Crews will be making much-needed repairs to the structure, which was built just seven years ago at a cost of $65 million.

There are huge cracks in the lower level ceiling. Support posts have been installed, orange fencing blocking at-risk spots. Which begs the question: Where is everyone going to park?

Sanchez tried to get an answer from Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino, but his office said he didn’t have time to speak to her on camera Wednesday.

Instead, they emailed a statement, which didn’t say much other than the town was working to minimize the impact of the garage’s closure, Sanchez reported. She asked for specific details, but didn’t get any.

Carol Schajer is worried her morning parking search is going to get uglier, just as it did when the town shut down the garage before.

“It was very onerous, because most people had to park at the mall, and they had a bus that shuttled back and forth, and it was very difficult,” she said.

Within the 36 villages and hamlets that make up the town of Oyster Bay, there are 30 municipal lots. The town issued 41,000 valid parking permits, yet only 6,891 spaces are available, and more spaces will disappear once repairs begin this summer.

“People have to resort to parking illegally out in the street, getting tickets,” one person said.

The town says it will make the contractors of the garage pay for the damage.


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