NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Some leaders in Brooklyn’s Jewish community say bias attacks are happening more frequently.

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The most recent incident left a man badly bruised. It was captured on camera and now police are searching for the attacker.

Police are keeping watch at the scene of the latest attack on Rutland Road near Schenectady Avenue.

Many Jewish leaders say this is happening too frequently to be a coincidence, CBS2’s Janelle Burrell reported.

“People are very, very nervous about what is going  on,” said Assemblyman Dov Hikind.

Jewish leaders including Hikind told Burrell they believe the recent attacks in Brooklyn aren’t isolated.

“They’re not anomalies?” Burrell asked.

“No, not at all. In between these two incidents, there are so many others. Many of them don’t get reported,” Hikind said.

The latest victim is a 52-year-old orthodox Jewish man who asked that CBS2 not share his name.

Police are looking for the man who went after him Saturday afternoon as he was walking home from synagogue.

“I greeted him and I go, continue. Next thing I know, he said ‘I don’t like Jews, who were you talking to. I don’t talk to Jews.’ He put me in a headlock and I’m trying to maneuver out of him. In the meantime, I’m screaming ‘Help, help.’ He said ‘You don’t need help, I’m going to kill you right here.'”

The assault went on for five minutes before two people walking by pulled the man off and held him down. The 52-year-old was left with a black eye, broken rib and scratches.

A week earlier, police said a 42-year-old man, identified as Ari Ellis, was attacked on Eastern Parkway, punched in the face repeatedly. He suffered a broken nose and broken ribs.

“I don’t understand why they had to pick me,” Ellis told CBS2’s Reena Roy. “I wonder, do people realize this is anti-Semitism?”

“I don’t know if there’s a connection, but there’s a lot of concern there has been tremendous growth of anti-Semitism,” said Hikind.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, last year there were 11 anti-Semitic assaults in New York state. Seven of them were in Brooklyn.

Leaders of New York’s Jewish Leadership Council have written to the NYPD, questioning the timing of the attacks. Both happened on the Jewish sabbath – when there are fewer Jewish volunteer safety officers on patrol.

“We would like people to help us locate the person who committed this horrible attack on an innocent person,” Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Executive Director Rabbi Eli Cohen said. “Being able to walk down the street without being hurt is a civil right that every person has.”

“Unfortunately there are people out there who want to kill us for one reason: Because we are a Jew,” the victim’s wife said.

The ADL is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to a conviction.

“I am disgusted and saddened by the vicious attack that occurred on Saturday in Crown Heights, which is being investigated as a potential hate crime,” said City Council Speaker Corey Johnson. “This is not what our city is about, and my heart breaks that New Yorkers have endured this kind of abuse and violence. Hate has no place here, and I pray those responsible are quickly brought to justice.”

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  1. I am Jewish and brought up in a liberal household. I understand the confusion with Jews and their long held liberal views. It is heartwarming to know how many are changing with Trump in charge. His entire family is practically Jewish. I learned about why Jewish people should all be conservative from the great Dennis Mark Prager, an American nationally syndicated conservative radio talk show host and writer. He is wonderful and will help any liberal break through their confusion if they are open minded. I also carry a concealed weapon a legally licensed permit in CA. Every American should do this so we can end the random terrorist acts on the spot. If Jewish people don’t understand why they should do this they need to read a little history about Nazi Germany. Then they will appreciate our second amendment. I reject all the progressive nonsense on the left and will continue to promote freedom and our constitution.
    Dr. Terry A Rondberg

  2. Once they get rid of the Jews and Christians they’ll turn they’re wrath on the godless socialists and commies. Keep feeding the alligators, libloons…your time’s coming soon!

  3. Jim Williams says:

    And the NYPD has probably been ordered to Be On The Lookout for an Amish miscreant.

  4. Hal Slusher says:

    Welcome to liberal land they kind of hate Jews

  5. Gene Tillock says:

    I can give a reason for the recent attacks. Gaza plain and simple wether you like it or not. Believe me if the shoe were on the other foot you would suddenly come to your senses

  6. Many Jews seem deaf when we warn against their killer, in this case the Democrats. Calm down, it’s true. Wake up. Save yourselves.

  7. Jews have been voting Democrat for over 70 years. You reap what you sow. now please join us capitalists in our effort to save the nation from the communists.

    1. I wonder who is doing the attacking? You will note that they don’t say. My bet is that they are not Irish. Why not just tell us?

  8. Kurt Smith says:

    so, dem-lib NYC is like 30’s Germany now. No surprise.

  9. This is what happens when you vote Democrat, allow yourselves to be disarmed and accept liberalism and diversity.
    Diversity is NOT a strength.

  10. tngilmer says:

    Wonderful socialist utopia that Commissar De blasio is building in NYC. I guess the next step will be the formal pogroms.

  11. NYC is a very diverse city. Diversity is our strength. These jews should learn to be less Islamophobic and more accepting of cultures other then their own. It’s 2018. Time to end the racism.

    1. Not sure if you are being sarcastic or are just a Jew-hating lunatic. Either way this is NOTHING to JOKE about.

    2. Are the Jewish people attacking anyone? No…they are not.

    3. Bob Smith says:

      So, you say, that Jewish people who are getting beaten up by, in all likelihood, Islamics, should quit being ‘Islamophobic’? You vote Democrat, don’t you?

  12. How so? Jews are New York.

  13. As a rule…. most New Yorkers vote “Democrat”.
    Democrats are the ones who tend to support BDS.
    Democrats are the ones who tend to side with Palestinians over Israel… regardless the mayhem Palestinians do.
    Ergo… the attackers are more than likely Democrats.

  14. mjazzguitar says:

    Look at all the refugee resettlement programs with Christian names bringing in Muhammadans using our tax dollars. They hate Christians as much as they hate Jews.

  15. Dave Lobell says:

    Reading the comments by the general population I can see why the world is in the state that it is in, how anyone can correlate a
    voters affiliation with a certain political party as the core reason for a hate crime attack is evidence of vast number imbeciles and morons who think they explain away the perpetuation of a hate crime by a voters political affiliation, the level of stupidity here absolutely astounding!

  16. Paul Roberts says:

    I would hate to profile but it looked like a Mohammed that attacked the old Jewish man. Let me see….Liberal Democrats run that city and let Muslims migrate with their religion of peace right?

  17. Mark Green says:

    I think that we need to talk more about attacks BY JEWS in places like Palestine, Lebanon and Syria. The serial warfare and murder conducted by the Jewish extremists threatens the long-term safety of Jews and gentiles alike.

    1. mjazzguitar says:

      People like you who perpetuate these lies are responsible for attacks like these.

    2. NY Jews have already turned the entire city and large swaths of the state into New Palestine.The atrocities they commit and are protected by the police, politicians and judges is unbelievable. The thefts and racism that they openly practice are breathtaking. So a pair of them face a little local Hamas uprising, not to worry they will have Di Blasio building them a wall soon enough so they can snipe and gas the locals from safely behind it. Dov Hikund will make sure that “his” people are very well compensated and that no City expense is spared in “protecting” them from phantom menaces like wind toppling tombstones and immodestly dressed goy women on bicycles!

  18. wobblerone says:

    Jews say they immigrants to Christians, so they are getting what they asked for.

    1. wobblerone says:

      Jews say they prefer immigrants to Christians, so they are getting what they asked for.

  19. Chris Kramer says:

    “The ADL is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to a conviction.”? The 🔯DL is paying for a “conviction”? You think maybe that sort of behavior just might be a reason for a rise in anti-semitism?

    1. mjazzguitar says:

      Offering rewards for solving crimes now causes crime?

  20. Jim Wolfson says:

    Reminds me of the Berniezuelans down under – they voted for what they’ve got.
    How do you fix stupid?

  21. They are living in a liberal democrat stronghold, what do they expect… It will just get worse.

  22. Mike Arvand says:

    want some peace? get rid of the muslims. You cannot coexist with people who want to kill you. The world will have some peace, when the “religion of peace” is a dead religion.

    1. Islam is a disaster, but tell me how the planet is going to rid itself of one billion plus muslims, and their population is growing. Zionists and Wasps made a massive mistake getting rid of secular Saddam Hussein, even if he was a threat. Giant mistake, same with Qaddafy. The only thing that works with Islamic is very well-paid and supported secular dictators. It may be too late now.

  23. Keep voting Democrat, Jews. After all, they sure helped the 800 German Jews on the SS St Louis. Oh wait, they didn’t.

  24. Everywhere the Jews go they are attacked. For thousands of years. It’s almost like they are the problem. Anti-semitism is the natural reaction of the host populace to these parasites. Send them all to Israel. They don’t belong here.

      1. Jealous? Cancer victims are “jealous” of their afflictions then.

    1. April Martin says:

      You’re an embarrassment as an American.

    2. Benjamin Franklin wanted a constitutional provision to prevent Jews from entering the newly formed United States. He claimed they would eventually undermine the country. Was he right? All the evidence of the last 200 years would indicate that he was indeed correct.

      1. I can’t believe they let you people out of the asylum. The “Franklin Prophecy” that you cite has been soundly proven to be a fabrication first appearing in a 1934 edition of William Dudley Pelley’s Silver Legion pro-Nazi weekly magazine “Liberation”. You’re late for a Klan meeting.

  25. Let me guess who the attackers were? The most racist group of people of them all, I can assure you of that.
    These orthodox Jews in Crown Heights are crazy to live there, i respect them for holding their own in that neighborhood but obviously a vigilante force is needed there to protect them from those who would do them harm for nothing other than them being Jewish.

    1. Time to bring back the Guardian Angels!

  26. Ana Johnson says:

    The New York Post writes an article about those evil Christians opening a Chick-fil-A in New York, but have no problem with the view points of other religions that hates Jews. As a Christian, I pray for the protection of the Jewish people not just in New York, but on college campus’ where harassment of Jewish students has increased.

  27. when they won’t tell you it’s islam, you know it’s islam

  28. Joe Lockwell says:

    It’s sad that this happened. But Jews MOSTLY vote Liberal Democrat so this is what they get. Libs LOVE Multiculturalism even if it results in Multicultural violence against Jews. It’s the same thing in Western Europe. Israel and Jewish groups across the world are pushing hard for Third World migrants to come into Europe, even when it results in European Jews being beaten up by Third World migrants. Jews make no sense. See YouTube video “Barbara Spectre pushes Multiculturalism in Europe”

  29. David Fox says:

    It time to bring back the Jewish Defense League and get them carry permits.

  30. John Douglas says:

    …and yet the Jews will continue to vote for the democrats and socialists who approve of (if not actively support) this violence.

  31. Mike Sellar says:

    It is strange how the more socialism a government become the more hate to Jews.

  32. Johan Lapje says:

    These idiots plant a target on their heads, what do you expect?

    1. Mitch Davis says:

      Really? Blame the victim? You are a special kind of stupid.

  33. God is calling His people back to His Land of Israel. Hearken to the call. America will fade away because she is turning to Antisemitism. God doesn’t fool around, if you don’t bless the Jews and lead them to their Messiah, to the Jew first and also the Gentile, then God will curse you.(how can you be saved?)

  34. Lou Moller says:

    Chuck Schumer has and is allowing a large number of Jewish haters from the middle east into the US. But the potential votes are more important than Jewish lives. He also knows that the Jewish people will support hi even as he lays the ground work for their doom.

  35. Well, if liberal NYC allowed it’s citizenry to exercise their 2nd amendment rights and carry legally, the herd of oxygen robbing manure producers would be thinned greatly.

    1. NY Jews already have more Constitution “rights” than the rest of us. They own the pistol permitting division of the NYPD and had NYPD Deputy Inspectors have the entire department as personal IDF forces- even shutting down the Holland Tunnel as a personal favor favor for a donor. When a bunch of Williamsburg hasids beat and blinded a homosexual african american, the hasids received tours of the precinct,. Eventually the public outcry saw that they were arrested and given very firm slaps on the wrists for their hate crimes. Living in NY as a “goy” has left me with a very warm feeling and kinship for the heroic Palestinian people as they suffer atrocity after atrocity.

  36. Muslims attacking Jews, this war has been going on for 1000s of years. The difference is the Jews are voting the very people in office who allow it.

  37. This site is the largest target of fake comments I’ve ever seen.

    1. Why, because they don’t fit your sheltered worldview? What you would call hate (the anti-muslim stuff, I’m guessing) is just common sense when you do even the most minimal research.

  38. Nancy Carr says:

    This is disgusting …. I ask the Jewish community why do you support the Democrat party when they invite in to our country the very people who wish to kill you?

  39. And yet NO DESCRIPTION of the assailant.

  40. Maybe a description of the attacker would help find him. Obviously one of the left’s sacred cows and they don’t want to identify them.

  41. Chuck Curry says:

    You built it. They came.

    Now lecture us on tolerance some more.

  42. between the antis who hate trump because ivanka is jewish and the arabs who just hate jews it looks dangerous.

  43. Many Jews are Liberal first…Jewish second. I agree, keep voting Liberal and we will see more violence of this kind. BE JEWISH FIRST FOR GOD’S SAKE!

  44. And yet no front page outrage by the press. Had this been a gay person, it’s all we would be hearing about.
    Selective reporting by the press.

  45. Ivan Stang says:

    The Bible says what a jew looks like. They have hair that looks like wool.
    So if you have straight hair then you are not a jew and not pure blood.
    Pure blood is needed for the ceremonies of the Third Temple.

  46. Oren Wysocki says:

    Jews living around muslims and eventually other gentiles have always resulted in violence against Jews. Life in europe for Jews has failed, the plans for Jews in Israel to live peacefully with muslims have all failed, so I do not know why america would be different. In G-d I trust.

  47. This isn’t news, the left and their rhetoric is having an effect. The minimalized Jews just keep voting democrat. You are getting what you asked for as the left are anti-Semitic and their darlings the Muslims would rid the world of you. Wake up Jewish community, you’re voting for the wrong party.

  48. John Oakman says:

    And the jews Continue to embrace those people who hate them.

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