HUNTERDON COUNTY, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – A tiny parasite could become a big problem this year in New Jersey.

It’s an exotic tick that’s never been seen before in the United States. It was first spotted on a sheep in Hunterdon County, and efforts to wipe it out have failed.

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New Jersey has always been home to different species of ticks – five to be exact. But a new variety of the bloodsucking bug is now in the mix.

It’s the East Asian tick, sometimes called a longhorned or bush tick. Originally found in Asia, thousands of them are now in the Garden State.

Their discovery started with a call.

“A phone call from a resident in Hunterdon County that her sheep was infested with a lot of ticks. She brought some in and, low and behold, she was also covered in the same ticks,” research microbiologist James Occi said. “It was kind of an odd looking thing. She didn’t know what it was, she had never seen them before.”

Occi works with entomologists at Rutgers University who tested the ticks. He said steps were taken to kill them, but just a few days ago he used carbon dioxide traps and found a number of the pests survived.

That’s a problem, because like the deer ticks that spread Lyme disease, East Asian ticks have been known to spread a deadly virus called SFTS.

“It has the potential. That’s why we’re worried,” said Occi.

Residents who Finch spoke with said it’s alarming to think they have something new to worry about when they head outdoors.

“There’s enough things you have to worry about. So hearing about new things that could potentially jeopardize the health of your home is something to be concerned about,” Hoboken resident Laurena Morris said.

“My biggest concern is that my dog would bring it home and somehow my son would get it,” said Caitlin Dibetta.

“More work has to be done to keep these out and find ways when they are introduced, to find natural predators to eliminate them,” Steve Maikowski said.

Scientists will treat the affected farm with pesticide this week in hopes of eliminating the exotic pets. How the ticks made it to New Jersey in the first place is still a mystery.

Tests done on ticks found in November did not reveal any tick-borne diseases. The ticks collected a few days ago are being tested now.

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    All clever lines aside … this is probably a result of the large number of rescue dogs brought to this country by the rescue for profit crowd.

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    How many seconds before this is blamed on global warming?

  4. Isn’t uncontrolled immigration just wonderful? Another “gift” from the immigrants.

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    Awww…here’s ANOTHER gift brought to us by illegal immigration and admission to the country without having being examined by customs…

    This is why EVERY COUNTRY IN HISTORY controls their borders. Well…except for us. This is why the resurgence in diseases we’ve already eradicated in the USA.

  6. How nice…NOT!!! IT was bad enough dealing with Lyme and now this. Errrrr!!!!!!

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    I thought N.J. was filled with democrats long ago.

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    How can these idiots ask how it got here? Does political correctness make people that stupid?

  9. Immigrants brought them

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    Political joke in 5 – 4 – 3…

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