NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – It’s a modern-day staring contest.

People of all ages are having some fun with a number of “Try Not To…” challenges on YouTube. They could help your child learn something new.

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The “Try Not to Challenge” has people facing off against themselves or others, trying not to sing along to songs, gasp at movies or laugh at clips.

Adrianna Jacobs, of Vermont, said she and her friends have been doing the challenges for a while.

“Sometimes we’ll all just sit around and try not to laugh at them,” she said.

While other contests like the Tide Pod Challenge or the Kylie Jenner lip challenge are extremely dangerous, child and parenting psychologist Dr. Susan Bartell said the “Try Not to Challenge” is a good thing.

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“It teaches them self-control, it teaches them to not do something without thinking about it first,” she said.

She said kids like the challenges to feel part of a community, and this one is OK.

“It’s teaching kids to challenge themselves in a social situation, to do something out of the box a little bit,” she said.

So go ahead, give try-not-to a try.

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Bartell also said these challenges help kids with bullying. They start thinking, ‘should they respond to something emotional or learn to just walk away?’