NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — In an official report that arguably conflicts with police records, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration claims that in 2017 there were no cases of drug possession, drug sales or drug use inside the Bedford-Atlantic Armory shelter in Crown Heights.

The New York Daily News reports that it obtained internal crime reports that show that Department of Homeless Services police responded to 113 narcotics-related incidents and made 51 narcotics-related arrests at the armory last year.

Additional records may also conflict with the homeless services’ claim that there were 29 so-called “critical incidents,” such as fights and weapons possession, inside the shelter last year.

According to the News, there were 89 arrests and homeless services police responded to 865 requests for alleged crimes that ranged from assault and theft — and the armory is reportedly far from unique.

The News said the mayor declined to comment directly. His spokeswoman, Jacklyn Rothenberg, said the NYPD tracks arrests, but the Department of Homeless Services officials said the agency no longer provides shelter-specific arrest data because it exposes residents to a heightened level of scrutiny and stigma.