PEARL RIVER, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – Something peculiar is coming to lawns in Rockland County, but it’s no cause for alarm. This flamingo fundraiser aims to help a worthy cause.

When 53-year-old Kathie Kelley was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2016, the news made her feel life-threatening uncertainty.

“That was very frightening to me,” said Kelley to CBS2’s Scott Rapoport.

Fortunately she is now cancer free, feeling blessed and determined to help others by raising money to support the American Cancer Society.

The question to herself was how – and her solution was for the birds.

“I wanted to say a big ‘Flock You’ to cancer,” said Kelley – and then came the flamingos on her front lawn.

For a $25 donation, the pink plastic flock can show up on the lawn of the donor’s choice for 48 hours, a prank she’s promoted to avoid any trouble with the police.

Kelley puts up the birds in the middle of the night, allowing the targets to wake up to the flamingo visitors and a sign promoting the cancer cause along with the line, “You’ve been flocked.”

A couple days later, she picks up the birds and away they go.

“Another woman in the American Cancer Society had done this in the past and she had flamingos sitting around in her garage she wasn’t using,” said Kelley. “So I said I’ll do it.”

She’s now taken to Facebook to let the social media world know of her unusual fundraising scheme.

All proceeds will go the the Rockland County Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.

Kelley is hoping to raise $1,000 with her flamingos, starting with a “flocking” tomorrow morning.