NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Recent complaints suggest that New York City’s bike riders have gone rogue.

With violations on the rise, some bikers have been caught running read lights and in some cases running over people.

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Dash cam video from a recent incident shows a mother pushing a baby carriage in a Brooklyn crosswalk when a man on a bike comes out of nowhere and races through a red light, crashing into the woman and her child.

Fortunately they were able to walk away.

“This happens on a daily basis,” Williamsburg resident Gary Schlesinger said. “Obviously bikers don’t feel the law applies to them.”

Schlesinger says bicyclists riding rogue on our roads has become a common complaint in the city. He posted the startling video on Twitter, and another user responded with another video of a bicyclist blowing through a bus stop sign before hitting a little kid.

“That’s terrible, kids safety is important,” Schlesinger said. “Bikers need to take that into consideration.”

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CBS2’s crew spent time at the corner of Flushing Avenue and Skillman Street where plenty of bikers were observed breaking the law; one without regard for the red light, others weaving in and out of traffic or even facing the wrong way.

Pedestrians like Rosemary Perkins are fed up, saying they’ve seen it first hand time and time again.

“The bikers never stop,” she exclaimed. “It’s dangerous, very dangerous.”

From January to April of last year the NYPD gave out 4,668 summonses to bicyclists for red light violations. This year, the number is up to 4,923. While city riders agree it’s definitely a case of bicyclists behaving badly, they gripe that people don’t always respect their space.

“A lot of the bike lanes have something in it, it’s hard for us,” Brooklyn bike rider Nahana Shelling said.

They even say drivers are the ones who pose the real danger.

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“New York drivers are reckless, they’ll run you over,” Lamar Felder said.