NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police are investigating a hate crime against a Jewish boy in Queens, who says he was attacked because of his faith.

As CBS2’s Jessica Moore reported, it’s a tightknit community in Kew Gardens, where kids walk everywhere together — back and forth to school and friends’ houses. That’s what the victim said he was doing when he was punched in the face and called names by a complete stranger.

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“I was upstairs putting my other children to sleep, and I just hear my son come in the door screaming, ‘he beat me, he beat me!’” the boy’s mother told Moore in an exclusive interview. “’What are you looking at, you Jew Boy?’ I’m not sure at what point he said that, at the beginning or the end, and he started punching him, my son said like four or five times in the face.”

Police said around 8:15 p.m. Sunday, the 14-year-old was walking on the sidewalk outside his yeshiva on 84th Avenue and 117th Street, when a man attacked him out of nowhere.

“It’s petrifying, it’s really scary,” said the boy’s classmate, Chanoch Lieberman. “It’s a little scary that he screamed ‘Jew Boy’ and then punched him.”

“It’s definitely frightening to know that there’s antisemitism so close to home,” fellow classmate Eli Sandhaus said.

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Evan Bernstein, of the Anti-Defamation League, said attacks against the Jewish community are becoming all too common.

“We’re just very sad and disheartened to hear about another assault that’s taken place within the Orthodox community here in New York City,” he told Moore. “We had a video also of a young individual that was approached because of being Hasidic just a couple days ago that became viral.

“There’s an overall climate right now that a lot of Orthodox Jews are feeling that they’re being targeted, either with assaults or in other ways, and it’s something we have to get in front of.”

The ADL is now offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to the attacker’s arrest and potential conviction.

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  1. Democrats sure do hate Jews.
    Democrats sure do love Muslims.

  2. The level of ignorance in this country is sickening. Start locking people up for a long time, fine them massive amounts, and force them to watch historical footage of the Holocaust until their eyes bleed.

  3. May I suggest an increased interest in Krav Maga by all concerned?

  4. >> “The ADL is now offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to the attacker’s arrest and potential conviction.” <<

    Because the drive-by media purposefully embargoes all identification of the attacker, they are complicit in this rise in anti-Semitic crime. Because, not only will this perpetrator never be caught and tried, without a description, but because of that–and knowing that they are therefore similarly safe from prosecution–others of the same hatred will also feel free to attack other Orthodox Jews.

    But that increases clicks, 'though, don't it?

    Bar your readers from knowing the truth, which increases the crime rate, which increases your viewer clicks.

    1. The Sulzberger News Empire would never conceal the details about the the attacker. Or, would they?

      1. Sam Adler says:

        What does Sulzberger have to do with CBS News? CBS Corp. is controlled by Sumner Redstone.

  5. Kew Gardens? Someone made a fat finger mistake, the K and J are right next to each other.

  6. Pffft My husband had a former Secretary of State call him that.

  7. They didn’t have to give a description of the perps. We all know they look like Obama.

    1. E, ROBOT says:

      You mean they were wearing mom jeans?

  8. keep voting democrat…if you think liberals are tolerant you have your head buried in the sand.

  9. There’s a $5000 reward for a person who is so vaguely described as to fit half the people in the world. Yes Lochlin, we have to wonder what’s important to CBS; offending certain sensibilities or
    stopping physical assaults.

  10. stp479 says:

    It would have been a freebie if the victim were white.

  11. the African American culture is out of control. If it was a white kid, or a muslim kid, they would have said so in the story. His father should have gone out and beat his ass.

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