By Justin Lewis
CBS2 Meteorologist

Get out and enjoy the rest of the afternoon — just be sure to have the sunscreen! It will be pleasantly warm, too, with highs in the low 70s.

nu tu uv index no icon 5/11 CBS2 Friday Afternoon Forecast

Clouds will increase tonight, but it’s not until daybreak that we’ll see any rain. Temps should cool off into the mid 50s or so by then.

nu tu skycast 3d tonight1 5/11 CBS2 Friday Afternoon Forecast

Tomorrow starts wet, but there are signs of a lull before another batch of rain and storms move through in the afternoon. There’s the potential for a big temp spread, too, with 50s north and east while the 70s are prevalent south and west.

As for Mother’s Day, keep the umbrella handy as we’re expecting rain around the area. It will be even cooler, too, with highs only in the 60s.