NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It’s a double mystery that has people wondering what will happen next.

Detectives from the 90th Precinct were back on the same floor of the same building at the Bushwick Houses on Sunday night, this time investigating not one but two deaths.

Police said next-door neighbors were found lifeless in their apartments, both with gunshot wounds, since Friday.

“This is crazy. Like nobody heard nothing. Nobody know nothing,” one resident said. “They got my building on lock-down, and we gotta get questioned coming out of the building. It’s Mother’s Day and we going through this.”

Police told CBS2’s Reena Roy family members discovered the body of 54-year-old Basil Gray just after 4:30 p.m. on Sunday in what detectives are calling an apparent homicide.

“Members of the deceased’s family came to check on him as they had not heard from him since Thursday evening. This was unusual,” NYPD Deputy Chief Michael Kemper said. “Upon arriving and opening his apartment door, they observed him lying on the floor and unconscious.”

The NYPD said Gray was shot in his apartment, 5B, at 140 Moore St., right next to the crime scene in 5C, where less than 48 hours before 62-year-old Ana Delvalle was found dead on Friday night. Her hands were bound together and she was shot multiple times in the head.

“There is similar forensic evidence that I observed in today’s apartment from Friday’s,” Kemper said.

Crime scene investigators did not see any signs of forced entry in either case. They’re now working to figure out if the two deaths are connected. They did say some money was missing in Friday’s crime.

“There was a small amount of U.S. currency, money from Friday’s incident, a very small amount. We’re not sure if that’s the motive, if the motive is robbery,” Kemper said.

In the meantime, extra officers have been assigned to keep a close eye on the housing complex.

“We are deploying additional patrol resources from bureau and housing bureau within this development,” Deputy Chief Charles McEvoy said. “We are conducting a door-to-door search of every apartment in 140 Moore St. to ensure the safety of all residents within this building.”

The medical examiner’s office will determine when exactly Gray died, but investigators said they have a strong feeling it was at around the same time as his neighbor.