NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The morning team at CBS2 got a taste of the Upper West Side’s culinary scene thanks to the folks from Jacob’s Pickles.

Jacob Hadjigeorgis and Chef Glenroy Brown of the popular restaurant stopped by to show us how to make their famous fried pickles.

Fried Pickles

4 cups        White Lily Flour

1 tsp           spicy Spanish paprika

1 tsp           white pepper

2 1/2 cups   seltzer water

4 cups        canola oil

4                large sour cucumber pickles cut into six spears, each

  1.  Mix flour, paprika and white pepper in a large bowl
  2.  Whisk in seltzer water and mix until ingredients are well-incorporated.
  3.   In a deep saucepan or fryer, heat oil until it reaches 350 degrees
  4. Dredge pickle spears in batter, shake off extra batter, and carefully slide in hot oil, in batches.
  5.   Turn spears on all sides until brown, approximately four minutes per batch.
  6. Place fried pickles on paper towels until cool enough to eat – and enjoy!

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