LONDON (CBSNewYork) – All eyes are on Meghan Markle and what she’ll wear during her royal wedding to Prince Harry on Saturday, but details about her dress are top-secret.

Will she or won’t she wear a tiara? It’s a princess bride tradition, but tradition isn’t exactly her thing. CBS2’s Ali Bauman visited the royal family’s official crown jeweler Friday to check out some of her options.

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“That is a rule that’s there to be broken and has been broken even by the royals,” said Clair Scott, a designer for House of Garrard.

Bauman found out firsthand that wearing a white gold crown encrusted with upwards of 600 diamonds can make you nervous to move even an inch.

So why have tiaras stood the test of time in royal fashion?

“I think they’re just so synonymous with when you think of a princess, you always think of a tiara, don’t you?” Scott said.

Unlike a crown, you don’t have to be royalty to wear a tiara.

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“When you try it on, it makes you stand a bit taller, it makes you feel more regal,” said Scott.

With a starting price around 50,000 pounds for a House of Garrard tiara, you do need to have deep pockets.

“They’re quite a personal item, I think, the tiara. When you commission one, it has to be a piece very special to you,” Scott said.

But if money is not an object or you’re a princess with a fancy for tiaras, there’s no limit on how many you can collect.

“They sky’s the limit. You can have as many tiaras in your collection as you want,” said Scott.

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If Markle chooses not to wear a tiara, she won’t be the first princess bride to do so. Whatever she decides to wear is expected to dictate fashion trends for seasons and seasons to come.