NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – From a crackdown on K2 overdoses on Brooklyn sidewalks, to syringes littering a Bronx park, New York City’s drug crisis has been on full view this week.

The question is: What is City Hall doing about it?

“We don’t want anybody in the city having to see that or experience that,” said Mayor de Blasio when confronted with photos of the problem. “We don’t want children, seniors, anyone to have to go through that.”

While the city will be installing dozens of syringe disposal kiosks in Bronx Parks soon, it’s unclear if addicts will use them – and the mayor admits the problem goes beyond dirty needles, reports CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez.

City workers were seen yesterday cleaning Saint Mary’s Park in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx, looking for the needles and drug paraphernalia scattered about for anyone to come across.

The proposed drop boxes for needles was already set up in Washington Square Park two years ago.

Over in Brooklyn, the drug problem is more driven by the resurgence of a dangerous batch of K2 synthetic marijuana that left the NYPD dealing with more than 50 overdoses and at least a dozen arrests over the weekend. People were literally stumbling all over the street.

“This situation in Brooklyn is being addressed very aggressively too,” said de Blasio. “It comes down to a small number of dealers. It comes down to some particular locations. And we made clear that if stores actually are the centerpiece of this drug dealing. We’re going to close them down.”

The mayor says the city’s drug abuse problem is deep seeded and will need more than just the help of law enforcement – a strategy many New Yorkers also see.

“People don’t care,” said Abdullah Freeman, a resident of Mott Haven. “As long as they doing their thing, it’s going to continue.

“I think the city needs more programs to reach out to the people, give the people some assistance,” he said.

“Those individuals who are using drugs in that park, they need help they need treatment (and) we need to get to them,” said de Blasio.

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  1. Death penalty for dealers is a good start…

  2. Why are all the Democrat run cities ruined? Communism/Progressivism will do it every time. Well done NY.

  3. The attitude and arrogance of the people of this city are well know and since drug use is considered a personal choice and not law breaking you will need to change the minds of the city before you can do anything. The use of cocaine and marijuana is rampant and wide spread from the slums to wall street and no one seems to care. The attitude of the people is that it is a victimless crime since you are doing it yourself and not being forced to do it by someone else so its ok because its their choice and also no one should go to jail for just using drugs as its not a violent crime. The only way to stop it is to put everyone in jail that gets caught selling, using or on drugs, no exceptions and when enough go to jail you might get their attention , till then trying to stop or slow them down is a waste of time and money

  4. That is not an injectible Drug. Synthetic MJ is smoked. So my question is, where are all the Hype needles coming from?

  5. Nicely done, DeBlasio. You’ll have NYC right back to where it was before Guliani took over. Will you feature your stewardship on New York as an excuse for voters to elect you president? After all, who doesn’t want to live in a drug-ridden sewer?

  6. Democrats don’t flush a city down the toilet, they flush it in the streets!

  7. Joe Pane says:

    Democrat run cities are filth. You get what you vote for.

  8. Lou Anthony says:

    We gotta hurry up and legalize recreational marijuana so everybody will be stoned and then they won’t worry about all this hard drug stuff all over the place. We can then use the tax money for ???

  9. What else is new, another democratic city going down the drain. They treat drug use like you treat a common cold. Democrats are sicker than the freakin druggies. Got it.

  10. Congratulations, New Yorkers! You elected a communist who is flushing your city down the toilet.

  11. been living in the city since 1979 this is the worst that I have ever seen the homeless problem is beyond out of control Deblasio is the problem

  12. If you voted for deblasio, don’t complain!

  13. rho1953 says:

    Yet democrats are universally in favor of softening drug laws. You won’t ever figure this out, you stupid jerks.

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