TRENTON (CBSNewYork) — Officials have issued a new jellyfish warning in New Jersey as the summer beach season kicks into high gear.

Dozens of clinging jellyfish have been spotted in Monmouth County’s Shrewsbury River, according to the state’s Department of Environmental Protection.

The DEP says the dime-sized jellyfish pack an intensely painful sting and can, in some cases, result in hospitalization.

This particular species is native to the Pacific Ocean and tends to attach itself to submerged aquatic vegetation and algae.

Anyone wading through aquatic vegetation should take precautions such as wearing boots or waders to protect themselves.

If you’re stung by a clinging jellyfish, officials recommend you do the following:

  • Apply white vinegar to the affected area to immobilize any remaining stinging cells.
  • Rinse the area with salt water and remove any remaining tentacle materials using gloves or a thick towel.
  • A hot compress or cold pack can then be applied to alleviate pain.
  • If symptoms persist or pain increases instead of subsiding, seek prompt medical attention.

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