NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The last bell of the year will ring soon, but that doesn’t mean teens should wait to hear it before they apply to summer jobs.

That’s especially the case if they’re looking in New York City.

Brooklyn teen Cailah Bratwate knows exactly what she’ll be doing this summer.

“I’m going to be working Upstate with a lady helping her clean and cook,” the 10th grader told CBS2.

The Erasmus High School junior set up the job weeks ago, unlike many of her classmates.

“I’m going to try and work, see if I find a summer job,” 11th grader Selowyn Throne said.

“I haven’t really looked as of yet but I am going to try to get into that,” 12th grader Osaseh Lewis said.

Experts say they better start soon. A recent survey by Wallet Hub ranked New York City number 65 out of nearly 200 of the best places for summer jobs.

Employers like Debbie Louis say teens shouldn’t procrastinate.

“I am working every day, we are doing flowers, we are doing designs,” the chief planner at A’la Mode Weddings and Events said.

Louis says they want to hire at least three summer employees right away, and gave an insight about who they’re looking into.

“Someone who is completely creative, someone who is outgoing and getting ready to hit the ground running,” she said.

The city’s summer youth employment director, Chris Lewis, says there are some interview tips to keep in mind. You should research the organization then compare your skills to the job requirements, prepare responses, and plan what to wear.

Also, pay attention to non-verbal communication.

“Don’t be looking in your phone, don’t be consumed with your social media,” Lewis said. “Once you get in that door that employer needs to know they’re the most important thing.”

Last, Lewis says teens should follow up with their potential employer to prove that they’re serious about the job.