Emily Weinman Claims She Passed Breathalyzer; Cops Involved Reassigned During Investigation

WILDWOOD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A violent arrest on a New Jersey beach was caught on camera.

Police in Wildwood say they’ve launched an investigation after a video surfaced showing one of their officers punching a young woman on Saturday, CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez reported Sunday night.

The woman was confronted about underage drinking, but things got heated quickly after officers pinned the 20-year-old to the ground, one punching her in the head in front of a shocked crowd.

Lexy Hewitt was sitting nearby and recorded the take-down with her phone. The video has since gone viral.

“She started screaming initially. It was almost like blood-curdling,” Hewitt said. “The officers were on top of her on the ground and that’s when I just decided — there’s so much going on everywhere — why not, just in case [record the incident].”

Cellphone video shows a police officer repeatedly punching a woman in the head while trying to subdue her on Wildwood Beach on May 26, 2018. (Photo: @HewittLexy)

Wildwood police identified the woman in the video as Emily Weinman of Philadelphia. She can be heard protesting her arrest and how officers were handling her.

“You’re not allowed to hit and choke me like that!” Weinman says.

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Weinman posted on Facebook that she was at the beach with her 18-month-old daughter, her child’s father and a friend when police approached her and asked her age.

Weinman wrote, “I had alcohol,” but that “I told them I wasn’t drinking and the alcohol was clearly closed.” Later, she added, “…we got Breathalyzed, and it came back negative.”

She admitted to repeatedly refusing the officers’ requests to give them her name, and said when they approached to handcuff her she tripped and cops tackled her. Witnesses can be heard pleading with her to stop resisting the officers.

Weinman conceded she should have given police her name, writing, “I was partly wrong in a way. But I was scared.”

Wildwood’s police chief called the video “alarming.” The officers involved have been placed on administrative duty pending the results of an internal affairs investigation. The officer seen punching Weinman is wearing a white Class II police officer patch on his sleeve, meaning he is fully trained but only works during the summer season, not full time.

Weinman faces multiple charges, including aggravated assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, obstruction and minor in possession of alcohol.

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  2. Will Parker says:

    It does not matter if she, a young woman, spit on an officer or not: this is clear and blatant over-use of force. I am not blaming the officers, I am blaming their lack of training on how to handle with YOUNG PEOPLE who are committing minor, non-violent acts like drinking.

  3. What was told is that she admitted on social media that she kicked the officer in the groin, then spit on him and then ran away. She hit first. She assaulted him.

  4. She got her five minutes of fame AND her lawyer will get her a ginormous settlement — even after his cut.

    “That ain’t workin’ that’s the way you do it. Money for nothin’ and the chick goes free.” ~ With apologies to Mark Knopfler

  5. Kevin Lea says:

    Can’t the officers control a young girl? The officers need to hit the gym and get some strength training and get some basic training on how to restrain a suspect more efficiently. Hitting someone shows the need for anger management training.

  6. I keep clicking on these videos, then catch youtube when they show the police cam. In the last 3 years, I have only seen one video were the officer was the guilty party. People start checking these things out.

  7. Diane David says:

    She probably bit him. Let’s hear his version.

  8. David Olson says:

    SHE decided the outcome of this interaction, not the officer.


    1. Les Landers says:

      The headlines of this story, is a gross misrepresentation of the facts. She wasn’t possible she got hit with an open hand to get her attention and comply. I think it’ll come out during the investigation that the cops acted 100% correctly.

  10. If the idiot would have been as worried about complying with lawful orders as she was with the cops are ‘allowed’ to do she wouldn’t have gotten what she got. You folks making excuses for her behavior demonstrate the ignorance so common in places like Jersey.

  11. Now they’re charging her with multiple bogus charges to justify the cops Nazi behavior. This type of cop behavior has been happening for years. I was pulled over and cuffed without any explanation. while in the back of the cop car I could clearly see the computer on the dash and it showed my name and also No wants or warrants. At one point there were 18 cops milling about and ransacking my car. After 3 hours I was released with no explanation why. This is one of many reasons why I and others have NO respect for cops. The cops tried the same thing on my friends and when they started open the cooler about a dozen burly guys stood up and asked what the problem was. The two heroes in blue decided to get the hell outta Dodge.

  12. David Dyess says:

    No matter! It is inexcusable for an officer to hit someone with his fist! I hope that she gets $millions for this unprofessional act.

    1. It’s a bad idea to resist the cops – not on the streets – they always win which is best for everybody. You fight the cops in the courtroom – not before. The sooner you learn that the less punches to the head – or worse it takes to get you to learn it.

  13. aggravated assault on a police officer, I was beating his fist with my face.

  14. I see this every weekend on Live PD. Clearly resisting arrest, not complying. She caused the escalation and deserves the treatment she received. No sympathy here.

  15. Jim M. Ryles says:

    You ever notice that the very progressive liberal socialist centers in this country like NJ/NY are the very centers of what they accuse others in the conservative parts of the country of being…..NAZI’s, demo-rat run camps.

  16. This is why cops don’t get more sympathy when one of them shot and killed. That’s a shame, but incidents like this create a sense of indifference among the general public when they should otherwise have the public’s full support.

    1. The cops were doing their jobs. She was in the wrong. No respect for her. All the respect in the world for the police.

  17. Don’t resist arrest, give the police your name when asked and when you drink under age be ready for the consequences of getting caught. A child out of wedlock is not a good idea either.

  18. Who are they hiring? It took so many officers to subdue a 20 year old girl? and punching her in the head? I was on the job for years and never saw anything even remotely so sorry. and then site her with so many violations so as to overshadow their incompetence !!

  19. DianeMaree says:

    LMAO!!! Nice populace at the Jersey shore. The Ds ruin everything.

  20. The story fails to mention that she kicked one of the cops in the nuts.

  21. I’m sure these upstanding police officers will get off without any issues by claiming they feared for their lives. That strong, scary, dangerous girl surely woulda killed them if they didn’t manhandle her.

  22. And now boys & girls we come to the part of the story where she goes to jail, gets to hire a slimy lawyer to defend her against the resisting and assault charges, loses her case, gets her criminal resume, and does not live happily ever after. Civilians be like but he hit her in the head, waaahh.

  23. Yeah, It clearly seen how the reptoid cops are going full assault on humanity. All annunaki gun-ho crap on this ET planet. Lizards/ Reptoid freaking cops. Yeah, beat the heck out of someone and no due-process. guilty before innocent. This is a clear case that is occurring in the United Kingdom how the reptoid families are attacking humans and detaining them. Lizards.

  24. It was blatant assault, her hitting the cop’s fist with her head!

  25. mickrussom says:

    charging her with assault on a police officer? give me a break.

    1. Give her ninety days in jail with them hood queens, a couple hundred dollar fine, and henceforth she will be lawfully compliant when dealing with the police. Mission accomplished !

  26. She is clearly resisting arrest. Even when they almost had her subdues she pulls her right arm away and starts resisting again. What do you expect the cops to do when you are fighting back against them, just stand there and take it because you don’t want to go to jail? Just let them go and get away with whatever they were getting away with?

  27. Police just need to stop trying to enforce the law. Let the animals run riot until the people beg for protection.

  28. When a cop tells you to do something you’d best obey, you may not agree with them, but it’s besr if you do.
    Repeat after me, they’ve got the guns, they’ve got the guns, they’ve got the guns…

  29. The Peoples Republik of New Jersey

  30. This cop gives other cops a bad name, period!

  31. my god.. and people wonder why the police are hated in this country. abusive police state we live in.

  32. Where’s the rest of the video that precedes this? What exactly did she do that led to this?

  33. where should we send the check?

  34. rufusvondufus says:

    Can’t treat an East Coast Jewess like that!

  35. Les Taylor says:

    ….ah the sun, the beer….those cops gotta learn to pace themselves.

  36. They’re trying to charge her for “assault on an officer”? Really???

    1. Dave Herbert says:

      They. Forgot to include the part where she struck the officer in the face, spit on him and
      And to it off kicked him in the balls.

  37. it seems the cops always overreact these days. Slamming a young women twice and acting that volently when she wasn’t hitting at him is unacceptable. Take away his gun and badge forever, send a message..a cop needs to use only as much force as necessary. As big as he was, he could have easily just held her down and handcuffed her. But the fact that she tested 0% alcohol hurts his actions, my question is was that alcohol hers or someone else who was of-age – like er husband?

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