NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The NYPD recovered more than 1,000 packages of synthetic marijuana from a Brooklyn apartment Thursday morning.

Police executed a search warrant at 1769 Park Place and recovered the packages, which were called “Cotton Ball,” “Incredible Hulk,” “AK 47” and “Smacked.”

All of those are associated with past overdoses.

A small amount of cocaine was also recovered at the scene.

Four people were arrested.

The arrests come after a recent spate of synthetic marijuana overdoses in Brooklyn.

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  1. Tina Pihota says:

    They really do, they need to stop it as it comes into the country…the chemicals come from China, I find it hard to believe that our DEA FBI ETC can not find a way to do just that, maybe if they stopped worrying about what Trump had for dinner last night and do their jobs we may be able to stop it coming in…This is a nasty drug it killed my son 3 years ago along with so many others

  2. bigdave1583 says:

    They got to get this stuff off the streets NYPD is doing a good job.

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