LONG ISLAND, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Proving girl power goes a long way, a group of students is setting a record at one high school on Long Island.

As CBS2’s Jenna DeAngelis reports, the group of girls has shared a lot of laughs together and even more time in the books.

“A lot of long nights of studying, a lot of homework,” said Courtney Cronin.

Which paid off, because their story is one for the history books at William Floyd High School.

“It was crazy knowing we made history,” said Cronin.

Some would call it “her”story, because for the first time the top 10in the graduating class are all girls.

The full list ranking:

  • Asma Asghar – 18, Shirley
  • Michelle Lara – 18, Shirley
  • Kellin Amaya – 17, Shirley
  • Courtney Cronin – 18, Shirley
  • Sofia Galvez – 18, Mastic
  • Julia Goodwin – 17, Mastic
  • Ferjana Jahan – 18, Mastic
  • Sandra Vivar Marin – 17, Mastic
  • Khadija Saad – 17, Shirley
  • Nia Smith – 17, Mastic

“Like Beyonce: ‘Who run the world? Girls.’ It’s very amazing,” said Nia Smith.

“It’s really rewarding,” said Khadija Saad.

But it was no easy feat for these students who each faced their own challenges. Valedictorian, Asma Asghar, came to America from Pakistan at 10 years old.

“At the beginning it was hard, learning a new language, adapting to the new culture, but overall the support of Floyd family has been so amazing,” said Asghar.

That included the support of these girls — not only the top cohort, but also good friends.

“It’s really important for us girls to help each other and to be able to uplift each other,” added Julia Goodwin.

“I think while individually we all are really strong, the strength is in numbers,” said Kellin Amaya.

They’re oping their girl power also motivates others.

“Nobody should ever feel limited by any quality of there’s, whether it be race or gender or anything of the sort, and if they just work hard enough, they really can do anything,” said Michelle Lara.

No matter where these girls go or what they do, they believe this is only just the beginning.

“I know were all going to do very big things in the future and I’m excited to see all of them succeed,” said Sandra Vivar.

“These are leaders of the future,” said Principal, Philip Scotto.

The girls will lead the class again next Saturday as the first 10 to walk and receive diplomas at graduation.

William Floyd High School Class of 2018 Principal’s Award Recipients:

  • Valedictorian: Asma Asghar, Barnard College, neuroscience
  • Salutatorian: Michelle Lara, Harvard University, biology

Additional Principal’s Award recipients are (listed alphabetically):

  • Kellin Amaya, St. Joseph’s College, child study
  • Courtney Cronin, SUNY Alfred State, forensic science
  • Sofia Galvez, Marist College, accounting
  • Julia Goodwin, Stony Brook University, English
  • Ferjana Jahan, Stony Brook University, public policy and political science
  • Sandra Vivar Marin, St. Joseph’s College, nursing
  • Khadija Saad, Stony Brook University, biomedical engineering
  • Nia Smith, Vassar College, neuroscience and behavior

Congratulations to all!

  1. All this proves is how irrelevant ‘education’ has become for young men.

    You really need to be completely braindead not to understand that the destruction of our boys (with their 11% bigger brains) in the toxic female/feminist dominated system is an incredible tax on the future of the Nation.

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