NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – There’s new information about a house fire that broke out over the weekend in Staten Island injuring 20 firefighters.

Initial reports stated the fire started at the house of a fire marshal, but new information shows it started a few houses away on Steinway Avenue.

The fire marshal’s house was one of five houses damaged by the blaze.

According to the FDNY, it was accidental and started by a child playing with a lighter.

A total of 20 firefighters were hurt, four seriously. One suffered a chest injury when a stairway collapsed.

Officials said 250 FDNY members responded to bring the flames under control, facing obstacles in the process, like a defective fire hydrant.

Witnesses told CBS2’s Reena Roy they saw black smoke billowing into the air.

“We were just in the backyard enjoying our day. Then next thing I know, I look to my left and just a big cloud, like a mushroom cloud, of black just comes out of nowhere,” neighbor Akallah Figueroa said.

No residents were hurt.