FLORIDA (CBSNewYork) – Two New York first responders on vacation from their usual jobs jumped into action and saved a little girl from nearly drowning in a Florida pool.

The New York State firefighter and her boyfriend, a New York State Trooper, were enjoying the Daytona Beach sun while this week when duty called.

“We just heard a mother scream, oh my god,” said firefighter Jessica Campeta. “Her daughter was face down in the pool.”

Campeta jumped in the pool, handed the unresponsive child to her boyfriend, got out and did what she’s trained to do – save lives.

“Immediately started compressions, mouth to mouth just trying to clear her airway and getting her going,” said Campeta.

Police say the victim’s mother told them her family was getting ready to leave the pool area, when she couldn’t find the 3-year-old.

The victim can’t swim but somehow wound up in the deep end.

“It was chaotic,” said State Trooper Matt Colwell.

Campeta’s boyfriend, Colwell kept an eye on her children so Campeta could focus on the rescue, while he called 911.

“Thank god it ended the way it needed to end,” said Colwell.

Shortly after she started the CPR, Campeta heard the unconscious child gasping for air, frightening sounds, but it was all this couple wanted to hear.

“I was able to get some water out of her, clear her, she was starting to breathe I could hear her making noises,” said Campeta.

The ambulance arrived, the victim was rushed to the hospital. Much later the toddler’s grandmother went to find her heroes.

“She was looking for us because the daughter wanted to thank us,” said Colwell.  “That she was doing good.”

The first responders from Hudson say they were obviously not expecting to make a rescue, but say they were in the right place at the right time.

Police say the girl is expected to make a full recovery.