NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Governor Andrew Cuomo and state health officials have released a report recommending the legalization of marijuana in New York State.

The report, commissioned by the governor and released Friday, concludes that “taxing and regulating marijuana far outweighs any potential negative consequences.” The report recommends allowing recreational marijuana be made available to adults across the state and claims taxes would bring in over $1.3 billion each year from sales of the controversial substance.

Cuomo first announced plans for the marijuana study during his executive budget proposal address.

“We are pleased that the Governor and the State Department of Health have fully studied the existing evidence and accurately concluded that legalizing marijuana for adult use is the right choice for New York,” policy coordinator for the Drug Policy Alliance, Chris Alexander said in a statement.

State officials also cited a 2017 poll which reportedly found that 62 percent of New York voters support making marijuana legal for adults over 21.