NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A Brooklyn mechanic shop owner says UPS has offered to compensate him for two packages that were tossed into a dumpster by a deliveryman.

In an exclusive interview, Eric Nocera told CBS2’s Marc Liverman a couple weeks ago, he ordered a set of $1,000 headlights for a car he was repairing.

He later noticed a note saying two packages had been placed into his dumpster. When he looked inside, there was nothing there. So he checked his surveillance cameras.

“He looks around, sees that I’m closed,” Nocera said. “He puts them on the ground, looks around. I see him scan the two packages, and he opens the dumpster.”

Exclusive: UPS Worker Caught On Camera Dumping Packages Into Trash

“That’s definitely not the way you go about doing something, leaving it in the garbage,” he added. “I mean, he would have been better off just leaving it in front of the door I guess.”

After CBS2 aired the video Friday, Nocera said UPS agreed to send him a check.

“I reached out to corporate, I sent emails, texts, everything I could, social media. I actually Facebook messaged them, told them I was going to reach out to the media, and they just kept giving me the same story, the same runaround,” he said. “Once I reached out to Channel 2, within 15 minutes of this airing, I got a phone call from UPS. So had it not been for Channel 2, I think I’d still be spinning my own wheels right now.”

He also said he told UPS not to fire the worker in question.