NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A Brooklyn mechanic shop owner says UPS has offered to compensate him for two packages that were tossed into a dumpster by a deliveryman.

In an exclusive interview, Eric Nocera told CBS2’s Marc Liverman a couple weeks ago, he ordered a set of $1,000 headlights for a car he was repairing.

He later noticed a note saying two packages had been placed into his dumpster. When he looked inside, there was nothing there. So he checked his surveillance cameras.

“He looks around, sees that I’m closed,” Nocera said. “He puts them on the ground, looks around. I see him scan the two packages, and he opens the dumpster.”

Exclusive: UPS Worker Caught On Camera Dumping Packages Into Trash

“That’s definitely not the way you go about doing something, leaving it in the garbage,” he added. “I mean, he would have been better off just leaving it in front of the door I guess.”

After CBS2 aired the video Friday, Nocera said UPS agreed to send him a check.

“I reached out to corporate, I sent emails, texts, everything I could, social media. I actually Facebook messaged them, told them I was going to reach out to the media, and they just kept giving me the same story, the same runaround,” he said. “Once I reached out to Channel 2, within 15 minutes of this airing, I got a phone call from UPS. So had it not been for Channel 2, I think I’d still be spinning my own wheels right now.”

He also said he told UPS not to fire the worker in question.

  1. I think it was the fact that you recorded him doing it. I’ve had UPS do many things with regards to packages. One recorded that he wasn’t going to send the UPS SurePost package (or whatever they call UPS Mail Innovations these days) to the USPS as he was supposed to… he was going to deliver it himself. The next day, the package says “delivered.” Not that it was put on the truck…. just the message saying it was going to not be sent as it was supposed to but just held onto and then delivered the next day. UPS says, “well, if the driver was in the area and felt he could deliver it….” I told him, he deviated from the scheduled delivery and even though I live 1 mile from the UPS center where the drivers come from, I’ve never had a drive say “I’m in the area so I’m going to deliver it myself.” They’re always in the area.

    It got to the point where I just stop doing mail orders that come to my apartment because they either leave it at the wrong building, steal it like this driver did for me, or it gets stolen because they leave it in an unsecured area or give it to some neighbor who claims that she’s going to the building anyway and will take it there for him (FedEx actually did that at my building and I reported the driver for allowing her to do this).

    I’d seriously rather have some kind of locker system like Amazon does and have a code only I get to get my package. If I were always to get UPS packages, I’d just get a mailbox at a UPS center and always pick up my boxes that way instead. Too many shady people involved.

    One driver once put on tracking “M.C. Woman” for a $200 computer part I ordered. I asked them who this was and they said that this is code for “met customer woman” to indicate someone was outside the apartment that they gave it to. They said they would send the driver back out the next day to try to track down the woman. In a 140 apartment complex…. they would magically walk into some random woman they decided to give a $200 package to that she didn’t order…. it had signature required so they put MC Woman and scribbled something down.

    If nothing gets people back into going to local stores to buy things, it will definitely be delivery people from UPS and FedEx.

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