Workers At 'Club Barks' Pet-Sitting Business Were Understandably Overwhelmed When The Water Started Rushing In, But Then Help Arrived

WOODLAND PARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — It was a close call for some helpless dogs that were suddenly trapped by the flooding in one New Jersey town on Saturday.

But then some people heard those scared cries for help — and jumped into action.

Eighty animals were inside the Club Barks pet-sitting business when a flash flood hit. Several dogs were rescued from rising water, CBS2’s Dave Carlin reported Sunday.

As the crisis intensified, so did the dogs’ barking. The sound eventually reached the ears of people in a building up the road — the Gun For Hire range, where Freddy Reyes works. He enlisted some co-workers and they went to investigate.

“The dogs were going crazy,” Reyes said.

Gun range workers helped move dogs in cages after a nearby pet-sitting business was impacted by a flash flood on Aug. 11, 2018 in Woodland Park, New Jersey. (Photo: CBS2)

Getting help was a godsend, says Club Barks worker Emily Tummino, who was with a co-worker at the time of the flood and was admittedly overwhelmed.

“We needed the hands. They really made it happen, so we thank them,” Tummino said.

“It was a logistical nightmare … They weren’t making it easy on us, but we got it done,” Reyes added.

The animals were all moved and 17 of the dogs spent the night at Gun For Hire.

The range’s owner, Anthony Colandro, told CBS2’s Carlin the animals were put in a safe spot, adding, “We would have brought the dogs to the second floor if we had to.”

Colandro said he is proud of his crew. Some of them are nursing some scrapes and even some bite marks.

“The dog’s name was “Logan,” but I saved him anyway. He bit me a little,” Colandro said.

The dogs were reunited at Club Barks on Sunday morning. That close canine camaraderie was very necessary while the kennels were cleaned and sanitized. Club Barks’ owner, Steve Anatro, said he is also grateful to the officers and and firefighters who helped, and added he made a special phone call to Colandro.

“I said, ‘Thank you for everything you’ve done and if there is anything we can do to help you guys out, let us know,'” Anatro said.

Friendships deepened in the deep water, with a happy ending for this tail.

The owner of Club Barks said the last time flooding came inside his business was during Hurricane Irene in 2011.

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