BRIGHTWATERS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Some residents on Long Island are crying fowl, claiming the Canada geese population has gotten out of hand and something has to be done.

But not everyone agrees with the wild goose chase.

It seems geese like to gather in the village of Brightwaters. A bird’s-eye view from Drone Force 2 may help you understand why. Five interconnecting lakes are the centerpiece of the beautiful coastal community.

“We bought a house here because we enjoy watching them, the broods born every year,” Dr. Jonathan Landon told CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock on Wednesday. “I truly believe the wildlife contributes dramatically to that beauty. Wanting to destroy that is just crazy.”

FILE – Canada geese (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Landon and fellow lovers of local waterfowl want it to be known — geese belong here.

“My biggest concern is their lives,” resident Sharon Cimino said.

Landon has been tracking the population since the 1980s, and said it had been in decline until recently.

“This year, we had a spike in mating pairs,” Landon said.

And, it seems, more geese means more you know what and more negativity toward the native birds.

“I hate them,” resident Mark Kenedy said.

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Drive around the village and you’ll spot all sorts of stop-gap measures to deter the avian aggravators from setting up shop, things like motioned activated sprinklers, barely there fishing line forming makeshift fencing and fake coyotes covering lawns. Murdock counted seeing seven.

“The goose feces accumulation can be staggering. It’s almost unavoidable,” resident Peter Rising said, adding when asked how he deals with it, “Moth balls.”

Rising asked the village to take action.

“I’m not looking to be inhumane, but there has to be a natural order,” Rising said.

“I know it’s a mess. I know people are upset about getting it on their feet, in their boats,” Mayor John Valdini said.

Valdini told CBS2 rounding up the geese and euthanizing is not an option now. However, the village did unleash the dogs onto their bay beach to keep the sand clean for the kiddos.

“Birds eventually learn properties are no longer safe due to daily harassment by the dog,” said Michael Mallek, owner of the company Geese Chasers LI NY LLC.

The village also bought two swan decoys to place at what they call “the cascades.” They are supposed to keep geese from congregating.

In a perfect world, they’d stop more of the feces from piling up, too, until a permanent solution can be fully researched and agreed upon in this picturesque village.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation told CBS2 that Canada geese are protected by state and federal laws. Permanent removal requires permits. The village of Brightwaters hopes to come to a final decision on tactics before next spring.


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