MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (CBSNewYork) — There’s maternity leave for new moms, paternity leave for new dads, but what about new pet owners?

If a company from Minnesota’s idea spreads, ‘furternity’ leave could very well be next.

They’re paving the way, letting their employees work from home so they could take care of their new pet.

Bentley, the curious goldendoodle. (credit: CBS2)

It started with a golden doodle named Bentley. His owner, Connor McCarthy, works at Nina Hale Marketing in Minneapolis and said his new puppy had trouble adjusting.

McCarthy asked his boss if he could work from home to house train his dog. To his surprise, his boss said yes.

“Having Bentley understand, ‘Hey, outside is where I go to the bathroom,’ is a big deal,” McCarthy said. “Also, him understanding where he sleeps at night and his place in the house, that was really crucial.”

The company’s new policy let McCarthy work from home for a week and now, other employees can do the same.