PLAINVIEW, N.Y. (CBS New York) – After a half century of searching for some answers, a 76-year-old man on Long Island finally met his brother and sister for the first time, and it’s all thanks to a DNA test.

Stanley Borushik is all smiles while reminiscing over the phone with his half-sister, reports CBS2’s Clark Fouraker.

“That will stay in my mind forever,” said Borushik about his familial discovery. “That was fun.”

The siblings are talking about the first time they met just two months ago.

“I cried, I hugged them. I kissed them, it’s emotional,” he said. “Fifty years, I have a sister and a brother.”

The Plainview man accidentally found out he was adopted when he was looking though court records after his adopted mother died.

“The whole bottom of my world fell out,” said Borushik, then 26 years old when he learned the truth. “It was a surprise and I was not prepared for it.”

Five decades later, another surprise came his way when an Ancestry DNA test matched him with a first cousin, who then introduced him to his two younger half siblings: Mary and Sam, both living in Pennsylvania – and both were also in shock

“They had no idea about their mother’s younger life,” said Borushik.

The trio have met two times already, talk on the phone regularly and gave Borushik several family pictures.

He’s slowly learning about his family’s history and his biological mother who died 40 years ago.

“This is my mother’s wedding picture,” he said, holding up a photograph. “I have no idea what she was like, I can only listen to what Sam and Mary told me about her.”

He believes his mother gave him up for adoption because she wasn’t married when he was born. She also lied on his birth certificate.

“The reason we couldn’t find anything was because the mother lied about age, last name, the father on the certificate was actually her brother,” said Vivian Borushik, Stanley’s wife.

One question Stanley wants to know but sadly will never find out: Did she think of him?

“I imagine a mother will never forget the child she gives up,” he said.


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