NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A worker at Crotona Park made a gruesome discovery two bags turned out to be full of dismembered human body parts inside.

Police are now trying to figure out who it is and how it got there, reports CBS2’s Ali Bauman.

Sources say when a parks employee first noticed the bags on a sidewalk, he initially thought the smell was coming from a dead animal.

It wasn’t until his boss saw human hair inside that police were called.

The NYPD K-9 unit scoured the south entrance of Crotona Park by Clinton Avenue where police discovered the dismembered body in two bags Friday afternoon.

“I was walking my dogs and my dogs went to the bags and the parks people told me not to go by the bags because it smells,” said one person in the park.

Police say a Parks Department employee spotted the bags on the sidewalk Thursday night but thought animal remains were rotting inside.

He reported it to his boss who looked inside the bags with another employee the next day.

“She said last night two people were going park there, but they smelled something and didn’t park the car either,” said another local resident.

The crime scene unit taped off a large section of the park Friday searching for clues.

Many residents are now wary to go near the park after this discovery.

“It’s really creepy out here, especially when the kids are out here, it’s creepy,” said Alex Guitierrez of Claremont.

“It’s scary, because I walk here with my kids morning and night, so it’s scary,” said Jessica Acevedo.

The medical examiner is working to determine how and when the person died. Investigators have not yet identified the body.

  1. Zoooma says:

    So a parks employee noticed the bags? But police found the bags? Ummm… what terrible editing. The parks employee found the bags by noticing them, the cops didn’t find them at all.

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