Incident Involving 6-Inch Main Early Sunday Morning Prompts Mayor Ravi Bhalla To Call Emergency Meeting With SUEZ Water Officials

HOBOKEN, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — It was another day, another water main break in Hoboken.

It’s the second this weekend, and the third in one week.

Now, Mayor Ravi Bhalla has halted a separate water project he believes is the cause, CBS2’s Lisa Rozner reported Sunday.

The mayor also calling for an emergency meeting Monday with SUEZ Water executives. The latest water main break was the seventh this summer, and while no one was without water Sunday night, there were many without patience.

A 6-inch water main broke on Aug. 26, 2018, the third water main break in a week in Hoboken, New Jersey. (Photo: CBS2)

Pools of water have become a regular sight in Hoboken. A 6-inch main at 13th Street near Jefferson cracked at around 8 a.m., shutting down the entire roadway.

This comes a day after exclusive video obtained by CBS2 showed the moment a 16-inch main broke on the opposite end of the city at the intersection of Hudson and Newark streets. It sent a rushing river down several blocks and flooded at least one basement with 4 feet of water.

“It’s not acceptable and we have to figure out what is at the bottom of this inconvenience for all of our residents,” City of Hoboken spokesman Santiago Melli-Huber said.

MOREHoboken Mayor Calls Spike In Water Main Breaks ‘Unacceptable & Unfair’

Just this past Monday water flowed through streets after a 12-inch main broke near Newark and Adams streets.

SUEZ Water said it affected about 50 families in one building, and cases of water were given to residents. The mayor told CBS2 on Saturday he was calling for an investigation.

“I’m very concerned that there is a connection between the water chamber meter project at the sudden spike in water main breaks throughout Hoboken,” he said. “We will be very vigorously investigating whether or not there is a connection.”

City Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher, who chairs the Infrastructure Committee, agreed, saying two years ago that the Suez meter system that’s now being upgraded caused a huge break.

“Given that is the main area where the water comes in and the pressure is set and the water is metered coming into the city, I think it’s something I want to know the answer to that as well,” Fisher said.

SUEZ would not make anyone available for an interview but did say it will investigate whether the meter project has anything to do with the spike in water main breaks.


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