(CBS Philly/CBS Local) – There’s no more money left in a GoFundMe account for a homeless man who used his last $20 to buy gas for a stranded driver in Philadelphia, says the homeless man’s attorney.

Kate McClure and her boyfriend Mark D’Amico originally began the GoFundMe to help Johnny Bobbit, a homeless man, after he shared his last $20 to help McClure, who was stranded in Philadelphia.

The GoFundMe campaign raised more than $400,000, but Bobbit’s attorney said McClure and D’Amicos attorney called Tuesday morning and said they will not be turning over any money because there is none.

Last month, Bobbitt filed a lawsuit after accusing the couple of mismanaging a large portion of those donations. A judge then granted a temporary restraining order to force McClure and her boyfriend to turn the money over to Bobbit through their lawyers.

Officials say the couple had mixed the GoFundMe money with their own. When the scandal broke, the couple said they were worried about giving Bobbitt the money because he might use it to buy drugs. They also claimed to have given Bobbit $200,000, but his attorney says that he only received $75,000.

“I’ll be completely surprised if they spent $200,000 on Johnny Bobbitt,” said Chris Fallon, the attorney for the homeless man.

Fallon has since requested the couple give legal depositions this week and turn over a list of financial documents.