NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — From refrigerators to cars, many of the things we use every day are now connected to the internet.

That gives them “smart” capabilities, but these items may also pose a risk, CBS2’s cybersecurity expert Siobhan Gorman reports.

One potential danger? A home security system. If it’s connected to your WiFi, Bluetooth or a remote software application without proper security controls, someone could hack into the system and disable key functions.

Also, video from surveillance cameras could be intercepted, giving criminals a view inside your home or office.

Another concern: fitness trackers. The popular devices keep track of every step you take, collecting a huge amount of personal and location data.

The company databases that hold fitness data can get hacked, a recent study from the University of Edinburgh found.

Even a toy can be a risk. In one case earlier this year, a boy was able to turn a teddy bear into a secret recording device by hacking its Bluetooth technology.

To protect yourself, use a strong password on your home wireless network. Give it an obscure name that isn’t obviously connected to you or your home. And update security programs on devices.

Finally, be choosy when buying smart products. Only buy them from manufacturers that you know take security seriously.

  1. Bought my Lenovo Smart Display because it comes with a physical shutter for the camera and the ability to mute the microphone. Gotta love these small touches that they’ve added to curb privacy issues!

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