MAHWAH, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – For the last four decades, a statue of Moses has been just as nomadic as the biblical figure.

An artist in New Jersey is trying to find a permanent home for one of her pieces.

It’s four times her size, but artist Judith Peck knows exactly how to care for her statue of Moses.

Artist Judith Peck hopes to find a permanent home for her statue of Moses. (credit: CBS2)

“The head came from a milk crate,” she explained. “We were getting milk delivered in Mahwah and I realized, that is the shape I want.”

It took the Mahwah sculptor more than a year to put the 20-foot figure together. She had to lay it on its side to complete the project.

“He has an iron frame. It was a crane,” Peck said.

Peck says every second was worth it when she sees the motivation the statue gives others.

“What I would like people to see that they are too monumental, they have resources they’ve never used and when they are called upon, by themselves or others, they find those resources,” Peck said.

Artist Judith Peck stands next to her statue of Moses. (credit: CBS2)

Similar to the biblical figure, the sculpture of Moses has been wandering for 40 years. Not through a desert, but through New York and New Jersey. It has been installed at the Reform Temple of Suffern, Christ Church in Ridgewood, Ramapo College and most recently at the Clifton Arts Center.

“Every single place he has resided at, left it because a parking lot was planned, and he took up a lot of room,” Peck said.

So now the statue sits next to Peck’s house. She’s hoping, though, the statue soon finds a permanent home.

“This belongs to be seen… art is not finished until it is viewed by other people,” she said. “There is an interrelationship between the artist and the viewer and it is not enough for me to just have it here.”

After 40 years of wandering, she says it deserves to discover its own promised land.

For more information and to contact Peck about the statue, click here.


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