NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – More now on the garbage trucks that have taken over parts of the east side of Manhattan.

The Department of Sanitation has commandeered precious parking spots that were used by residents, and are now smelling up their neighborhoods.

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CBS2’s Dave Carlin went demanding answers as to when the trouble might end.

“We really had no choice,” Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia said Thursday.

Lines of the department’s garbage trucks remain parked on East 10th Street this week; with similar scenes on East 26th and East 60th Streets as well.

NYC Department of Sanitation garbage trucks park in the East Village. (Credit: CBS2)

The smelly takeover has people living and working in the area trash talking city leaders, claiming they allowed this mess to happen.

“There was a long-term plan,” Garcia argued. “We just never got the approvals. I couldn’t find another piece of property to move the M6 garage to.”

The Department of Sanitation claims the parking situation is only temporary; saying its garage lease on West 30th Street was up.

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Garcia says an exhaustive search for a new garage on the east side dates backs to the mid-2000s, when about 200 sanitation trucks at a facility on 74th street were kicked out.

That garage was supposed to be replaced in a land swap deal that fell apart. Commissioner Garcia adds replacement plans have failed because the department is generally not welcomed by most neighborhood garages.

Councilman Antonio Reynoso is chair of the City Council’s Sanitation Committee and says he does not remember any vote on a new location to replace the lost garage. Reynoso added he only recently learned of the last resort decision that parks garbage trucks on streets.

“We’re dealing with a crisis situation,” the councilman said.

“It’s unsanitary they shouldn’t have it there,” neighborhood resident Ellen Williams added.

NYC Department of Sanitation garbage trucks park in the East Village. (Credit: CBS2)

No solution in sight means the smelly trucks stay, hogging what used to be available parking and making for an unappetizing view for people dining in local restaurants.

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Residents who want a quick fix are reportedly only being told don’t hold your breath.