NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A motorcyclist was killed and five people, including an infant, were hurt Saturday in a crash in Brooklyn.

Police said the Suzuki motorcycle, driven by a 47-year-old man, was traveling north on Mother Gaston Boulevard near Belmont Avenue in Brownsville shortly before 4:20 p.m. when it collided with a Nissan, driven by a 29-year-old woman.

The car was trying to make a U-turn at the time, police said.

The motorcyclist, identified as 47-year-old Julius Holloway, was taken to the hospital with severe trauma and was later pronounced dead.

“We grew up together. Very good person, very good-hearted person, help anybody – any and everybody. Everybody knew him in the community,” Mable Sally told CBS2’s Lisa Rozner.

“It’s just sad that we lost another loved one out here,” she added. “It’s just sad, very sad.”

“He had a passion for bikes, he always rode bikes ever since he was young. I’m just so devastated that what he had a passion for is what ended his life,” said his ex-wife Sharnseearay Goddard. “He’s a very good man, very responsible driver. He wasn’t a reckless driver or anything like that.”

Five people, including an infant, inside the car were also taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Their names have not yet been released. So far, no charges have been filed.

  1. It’s difficult to believe the victim rode motorcycles for so long. I’ve been in very similar crashes and my reaction was to jump high into the air and fly over the car that pulled in front of me. Yes, it hurt for a few weeks, but I never even had to go to the hospital. In one of those accidents I never even saw the car that hit me until after the accident. Four blocks from the White House on 20th street a woman, who also worked with me at the World Bank, was flying down the right lane at high speed. Other lanes were backed up and stopped through the intersection. I merely heard the screeching tires as she tried to stop. I went airborne without even looking and she hit the motorcycle out from under me. The handlebars took a chunk out of my left shin as they spun, but I managed to land on my feet. To all bikers out there. It is FAR better to fly through the air at any speed than to stop cold into essentially a wall. After more than 90k miles of riding I decided to quit after the new bike purchased for me by the World Bank woman got totaled by another woman that pulled a left turn right in front of me. She told the police that she never saw me and saw only the motorcycle. I was likely flying over her car when she realized what happened and I landed head first between a guard rail and a fence. A friend saw it and thought I was dead. I refused treatment by the ambulance and went home. I was in a lot of pain for a week or so, but still alive. Had I simply dropped and/or impacted her car at 45mph I would have been severely injured or killed. When you jump off your motorcycle it is not all that bad regardless of the speed you are traveling. Make sure to have a good helmet. Protective clothing like leather and boots help. After my last accident I quit riding because I had used so many lives already and because so many drivers simply do not look for motorcycles on the road. I hope this advice saves a biker somewhere.

    God bless Julius Holloway and his family. I hope the driver of the car pays dearly for her stupidity and recklessness. Drivers beware, cars are not the only thing to watch out for on the road. Also, never make an unexpected move of any kind. One of the worst offenders are “nice” people that stop without warning to “let someone else go” in spite of it being completely out of order of traffic laws. Be predictable and you will make everyone safer.

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