WEST ORANGE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – For the first time in New Jersey, instant replay will be used at high school football games this season.

CBS2’s Ali Bauman got a look at how the technology works.

Once banned in New Jersey high school games, replay technology is being piloted this season at 64 high schools.

“For young athletes, and coaches, and parents they put a lot of effort into this, so for them it’s really important,” Carmine Picardo of the state interscholastic athletic association said.

Picardo says most schools in this trial were already using cameras for coaching during practice. West Orange has four around its field.

“We had all the video equipment we needed,” Ron Bligh, the athletic director for West Orange High School said.

After every play, a video clip from each camera automatically downloads to an iPad within three seconds. Then the officials can review the call.

New Jersey high school football instant replay technology. (Credit: CBS2)

“We can take this egregious error everyone sees including the mom in the stands with her camera and fix it,” Picardo explained.

For as long as teenage players have known football, professional games use instant replay.

“It makes it feel a lot more professional,” high school player Michael Agyeo said.

“We get good turnovers in case a play got called wrong so it’s really good,” teammate Jordan White added.

During this trial season, both teams must have the technology to use it in a game. If instant replay is eventually allowed at high schools across the state, schools that can afford cameras are not necessarily at an advantage.

“That same school that has it and has replay could lose a game on a reversal so it kind of washes out,” Picardo said.

If the trial goes well this year, organizers hopes to open it to even more schools in New Jersey next year. At least 52 games will use replay technology by the end of the season, including the state championship in November.


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