NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – It’s shaping up to be an extra creepy Halloween for earthlings.

This year the “Great Pumpkin” could be upstaged by a scary looking asteroid that many say looks like a skull.

NASA’s “death comet” (Credit: CBS2)

NASA spotted the “death comet” with its infrared telescope in Hawaii. The spooky space rock is ironically set to soar by the Earth on Halloween next month.

Experts say the comet is likely a dead planet.

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  1. Anthony A. Paluzzi says:

    It’s a dead comet, not a dead planet. No expert called it a “dead planet.” The difference between a comet and a planet is huge.

  2. It’s a Skull. No Bones about it.

  3. SharkFL says:

    The comet kinda looks like the skull of Hillary’s career

  4. Jason Abbott says:

    More NASA fraud

  5. John Sebastian says:

    Wait, the comet is most likely a dead planet? We couldn’t see a friggin planet coming at us until a week ago?

  6. Stacy Vickie Brown says:

    I’m sorry but that is just Skeletor’s ship!

  7. Fred Stevens says:

    Obviously it’s Trump’s fault!

  8. Gordon Crissey says:

    Where’s the 5th Element when we need it the most?

  9. Another example that we must be living in a simulation

  10. We all better look out. There is a planet killer out there! Just like in that Star Trek Episode, Ha.

  11. Eric Smith says:


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