NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Five crashes in eight years.

That’s how many times one Staten Island home has been hit by vehicles. The homeowner is now urging the city to do something about a dangerous road before the next crash turns tragic.

“We had to call the fire department for that one,” homeowner Andrea Bernstein told CBS2’s Valerie Castro while looking at the cracked walls in her damaged property.

Andrea Bernstein’s Staten Island home. (Credit: CBS2)

It’s hard to believe none of the accident at Bernstein’s home have been deadly.

“The other one who was drunk, hit the stop sign and bent this whole thing in,” the Staten Island resident continued.

Bernstein fears it’s just a matter of time given how often these crashes take place.

“I’ve lived here for eight years and I’ve had five accidents. They’re coming down very fast down Pompey Avenue and they’re crashing into my property and it just needs to stop,” she explained.

Bernstein said it’s easy for vehicles to pick up speed on the long downhill straightaway. The curve in the road happens to be right where her home sits.

Andrea Bernstein’s Staten Island home. (Credit: CBS2)

Surveillance video caught a driver careening into the fence and small brick wall that surrounds her backyard.

Andrea Bernstein’s Staten Island home. (Credit: CBS2)

“My fence constantly gets hit, this is preventing any cars, any motorcycle, any vehicle from going into my property, this fence. I just don’t want this to get hit anymore, I need something over here,” the frustrated homeowner explained.

Bernstein says she’s tried asking the city for help before, but they haven’t taken any action.

“I feel like no one is listening. I just want it to be a safe house. I don’t want to be an accident prone house.”

CBS2 reached out to the DOT, a spokesperson said they’d check to see if a guard rail could be the solution.

First, officials claim a feasibility study must done which that could take six to eight weeks to complete.