The Collings Foundation's 'Wings Of Freedom' Tour Stops At The County Airport, Features B-24 Bomber And P-51 Fighter

WEST HARRISON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Through this weekend you can get an up-close look at World War II-era bombers and a fighter plane on display at the Westchester County Airport.

The sound is so exhilarating it takes your breathe away, even from a distance. CBS2’s Marc Liverman was there Thursday as the planes came in for a landing, joined by a couple die-hard aviation fans.

“I like the guns and the cannons,” 5-year-old Renicio Rodner said.

“Just to be able to survive these tin cans, I mean, literally, that’s a caliber gun and somebody’s shooting at you. I mean, it’s going right through. It’s amazing,” added Joe Coscia of Hillsboro, New Jersey.

One by one they touched down at the airport. The powerful force of propellers and engines just takes hold of you. All of the planes will be on site until Sunday for the public to tour and take flight on. All part of The Collings Foundation’s “Wings of Freedom” tour.

CBS2’s Liverman saw the last B-24 that still flies.

“It served during the war, after the war,” one organizer said. “They built over 18,000 and they were producing them every 55 minutes in the factory one of these was being cranked out.”

Liverman then took a tour inside the B-24, and made note of how tight it is inside it. He also saw the ball turret and the bomb bay. Anybody who had to go from the back to the front of the plane had to crawl underneath just to be able to get inside that cockpit.

“This is about giving the past a future,” said Jamie Mitchell, coordinator for The Collings Foundation.

Jon Rodner was doing just that with his grandson Renicio.

“It’s going to be harder and harder to keep those memories alive and the importance of it alive, so that’s why I’m here,” Jon said.

It was a chance to smell, touch and experience history. It’s a flying memorial for veterans who served and a chance to keep their legacies alive.

It costs only $15 to see the planes, but to fly in the P-51 will cost you $3,200 per hour.