NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A child who was playing during a school field trip now suffers severe seizures after being shocked by exposed electrical wires, according to the attorney and family who plan to file a lawsuit.

Makai Smalls, was 6 when he was with other first grade students from PS 74 Future Leaders Elementary School in Tompkinsville on May 6 when he came in contact with live electrical wires at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden in Staten Island’s Randall Manor.

His mother and attorney say he was playing tag when he touched exposed live wires in a light pole, reports CBS2’s Andrea Grymes.

Makai Smalls (credit: LaToya Smalls)

Ever since, they say he’s started having multiple seizures which he never had before, in addition to other symptoms, and he’s had multiple visits to the hospital.

“He kept having 25 seizures a day, 25 to 30 seizures a day,” said Latoya Smalls. “I was back and forth from Staten Island University Hospital every day.”

Snug Harbor says the pole has been out of service with the circuit breaker off for an extended period of time before this alleged incident happened. The family disputes that claim.

“I touched one on the top and one with the wire,” said Makai. “I got bleeding right here.”

Electrical box at Snug Harbor Cultural Center. (credit: LaToya Smalls)

“It’s her worst nightmare, and any parent’s worst nightmare, to have a child that’s been exposed to this, to electricity, high voltage,” said attorney Charles DeStefano.

The Department of Education says they are committed to keeping students safe at all times, and there are clear protocols in place for field trips.

Makai’s mother says her son is taking two medicines to control his seizures, and they believe the damage to his brain at this point is permanent.