EAST MEADOW, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – A veteran Nassau County Police officer is under arrest, accused of exposing himself to women in a Long Island park.

Those women now have orders of protection, and the officer has been ordered to surrender his firearms.

After 24 years on the police force, Richard Furboter’s face may be recognizable to Nassau County residents. But now he’s on the wrong side of the law, and his attorney is offering no explanation.

“I said no comment at this time,” Furboter’s attorney told CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan.

Richard Furboter (credit: Nassau County Police Department)

It was near the monument of Eisenhower Park in East Meadow, not far from Furboter’s home.

When he was off duty, it is alleged he began exposing himself to women. The first report came in June. The next in September. The public was not notified, however, until his arrest last week.

“I cant answer why he did what he did. I can only tell you this: It’s disgusting. He don’t belong to be a police officer,” said Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder. “His shield is taken from him. That shield will never be worn by another police officer in this county, it will be melted down and thrown in the garbage.”

The two victims told McLogan they were traumatized by Furboter’s aggressive behavior.

“You’re happy he was arrested?” McLogan asked one of them.

“Yes I’m happy,” she said. “More protection for me and the ladies who work over here.”

“I did not get a good look at his face, I was so startled when he unzipped his pants,” another said.

The women who help clean the county park reported public lewdness near the JFK Memorial, adjacent to the driving range and the bathrooms near field four. A suspect circled the area in his red SUV, they said. An employee was eventually able to jot down the license plate, which led them to Furboter. He drove a red SUV to court.

“Makes a bad rep for the cops around here,” said East Meadow resident Nick Kaywood.

“Who are mostly all great,” McLogan said.

“Exactly,” Kaywood said. “So it’s a shame.”

Furboter was arrested October 3rd. He retired from the force three days later.

Park goers are miffed.

“Maybe they can up their park security. But it was a cop, so you would think they would be safe in this environment,” said Courtney Naokes, who visits the park.

Furboter’s hefty severance pay is being withheld by Nassau PD pending the outcome of the criminal investigation. Additional formal inquiries, including one from Internal Affairs, are now underway.

He may still be entitled to a big state pension. His severance amounts to $150,000. Any other victims are urged to come forward.


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