NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – Three people were arrested in New York City following violent clashes after a speech by the founder of a far-right group, and police say they are reviewing video and may make additional arrests.

According to authorities, Finbarr Slonim, Kai Russo, and Caleb Perkins were taken into custody after police arrived at the Metropolitan Republican Club around 8 p.m. on Friday.

The violence erupted following a speech by Gavin McInnes, the founder of the male-only far-right group the Proud Boys, who describe themselves as “western chauvinists.”

Videos posted on YouTube show clashes between the Proud Boys and groups that were protesting McInnes’ speech.

New York City Public Advocate Tish James called for additional arrests in connection to the melee, and encouraged Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance to pursue hate crime charges.

“I am disturbed and disgusted by the videos I’ve seen of members of the neo-fascist, white supremacist Proud Boys group in hate-fueled mob violence in the streets of New York City,” James said in a statement posted to Twitter. “New York will not become the next Charlottesville, and we refuse to let the actions of a hateful few define out City.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a statement calling for further investigation into the violence.

“Hate cannot and will not be tolerated in New York,” the statement read. “Here’s a message from a Queens boy to the so-called ‘proud boys’ – New York has zero tolerance for your BS.”

The NYPD says it’s unclear if the three men arrested were affiliated with either group, and added the department is reviewing video and will make other arrests “as warranted.”

Earlier in the day, police began a search for vandals who damaged and spray painted anarchist symbols outside the same Upper East Side club.

Two men were spotted at around 1:45 a.m. breaking windows at the club, which is located at 83rd Street between Park and Lexington Avenues.

Vandals damaged the Metropolitan Republican Club on Oct. 12, 2018. (credit: CBS2)

The vandals sprayed anarchist graffiti on the door, glued locks shut and damaged a keypad entrance system before running away.

Vandals damaged the Metropolitan Republican Club on Oct. 12, 2018. (credit: CBS2)

They also left a message at the scene promising more acts of violence.

Vandals left a note after vandalizing the Metropolitan Republican Club. (credit: CBS2)

“Our attack is merely a beginning. We are not passive, we are not civil, and we will not apologize,” the message read.

It also denounced the conservative founder of a right-wing men’s organization – who appeared at the club last night.

“This is an act of political violence done by cowards in the middle of the night,” said New York Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox. “There’s no doubt what they intended to do.”

Vandals damaged the Metropolitan Republican Club on Oct. 12, 2018. (credit: CBS2)

Cox said attacks on buildings can lead to attacks on people, and some of the same words in the statement – “we will not be civil” – were used by Hillary Clinton recently.

“We call upon Mrs. Clinton, we call upon Governor Cuomo, we call upon Senator Schumer, and we call upon Senator Gillibrand and all Democratic officials, whether elected or otherwise, to condemn this act of violence,” Cox added.

Anyone with information or video of either incident is asked to call NYPD Tips at 1-800-577-TIPS.

(© Copyright 2018 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

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  1. Are we crying now that antifa has an opponent?

    1. Mike Giles says:

      100% Agree! This “Awakened”, no-longer-CA-democrat sees ABC-through-PBS, “News” organizations as helping perpetrate these violent attacks all across America, as they act just like Hitler’s friend Goebles (SP) did when he talked of “The Big Lie” to The National Socialist German Workers Party! So, . . ABC-through-PBS/NYT Are ALL, indeed, responsible for these crimes!!!

      1. Plarp Zootie says:

        It is time to start crushing Fascist Republican skulls.

        Hammer, Ditch, Gasoline.

        1. Good will always win over evil. And antifa will be crushed…poor, white trash joined by criminal anarchists and liberals.

        2. Thomas Geraghty says:

          The hammer swings both ways. Keep up you antics and see what happens.

  2. D Patrick Dewey says:

    If past incidents are any guide violent and anarchistic leftists probably started the fights and members of the attacked pro-western group reacted in fully justified self-defense.

  3. Doug Day says:

    CBS propaganda. Meh

  4. Not fair and balanced when you start labeling one side with negative connotations before a full investigation and when the other side, (ANTIFA WHO ALREADY VANDALIZED REPUBLICAN HEADQUATERS AND VOWED TO CONTINUE VIOLENCE) obviously showed up to start touble. Your only fooling yourselves C-BS.

    1. Karen Newberry-Campbell says:

      I agree with you! They look to blame Proud Boys, call them FAR RIGHT. No all I’ve seen from this group is that they, come out and protect Patriots from being terrorized by Antifa!

      We all know ANTIFA is the group of thugs…let’s just get real here CBS! Communist Broadcasting Station.

  5. Tony Mah says:

    Has any democrat office been vandalized ?

    Wake up voters. You know who’s promoting violence.

    Just read the note they left.

  6. Mark Mach says:

    We can lay this at Hillary’s feet. Just like the violent attacks. This is her and Obama’s legacy and the last vestige of the uncivilized.

  7. Sandy Johnson says:

    One of these anarchists is going to get shot. Violence begets violence.

  8. Gene Rey says:


  9. Bill Smith says:

    Seems to me like the first few small skirmished of the civil war have started .

  10. Bill Loyal says:

    So lets see, Antifa (AKA THe Democrats) destroy something, Proud boys show up to defend it, Antifa starts a fight, and of course, the police state of NY arrests the proud boys

  11. You have to hand it to Antifa and the ny legislators in partnership aided by the media. They label the far right but never mention the far left Antifa as a violent group, yet Antifa keeps going and they keep giving them a pass on scrutiny. By giving Antifa a pass you condone their actions and lower the bar for everyone else, so if ‘others’ else does what Antifa does/did, it is the legislators and media to blame. NYC and legislators allowed ‘protests’ to march in times square area in 2016 blocking traffic and taking over the area and they did NOTHING. Protests have permits, allow egress and ingress an are controlled…….otherwise it’s a RIOT.

  12. The far-right is anyone right of Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, the Main Stream Media and the rest of the Mob’s cadre who are inciting political violence on the streets of America.

  13. Robert Mull says:

    The building was vandalized that means leftist commies… They keep pushing we will eventually push back…

  14. muneshadowe says:


  15. Umberto Cellini says:

    NY POST: “As the audience left at around 8:15 p.m., cops say, three protesters followed a man who broke into a run as he left the building. The man dropped his backpack, and when he tried to pick it up, a protester punched him and took his property, cops said. Finbarr Slonim, 20, and Caleb Perkins, 35, both of the Upper East Side, and Kai Russo, 20, from Bushwick, have been [arrested] on charges of felony burglary and misdemeanor assault.”

    Once again, antifa ganged up on a lone Trump supporter. Only this time the Right fought back.

    Of course, MSM continues to pretend the Left isn’t a vicious, violent mob.

    1. muneshadowe says:

      How true.

  16. Matthew Schilling says:

    Steisand Effect: Article states, without corroboration of any kind, that some guy named Gavin is “far right”. (This tells me nothing, since there are people on the Left who consider anyone to the right of Marx to be “far right”). Article also includes hysterical quotes from emotional adolescents on the Left. Finally, we get some facts: Leftists literally and actually vandalized and threatened others. I guess I’m going to have to find out more about this Gavin fellow, to see why he triggered some snotty Libs!

  17. Phil Cohen says:

    PROUD BOYS are NOT “far right”

    PROUD BOYS are NOT “white supremacists”

    New York City Public Advocate Tish James, however, IS “far left”

    The dishonesty in this story as to NOT linking the vandalism to ANTIFA is disgusting

    Cuomo is pathetic.

    There is NO DOUBT as to who committed the vandalism, who promised violence, and who committed the criminal acts.

    The writing of this article implying that Republicans and the Proud Boys are at fault for the vilonce is disgusting.

  18. Edmond Day says:

    Bill O’Reilly’s KILLING THE SS: .

    The SS was made up of personnel with better educations than Americans today. Loads of lawyers who made the laws of the Third Reich. The SS were for the most part practicing Christians at one time. If a people who are better educated than we are, attended church more often can become SS killers, what do you suppose awaits US? The seeds of race, class, religious hate are being sewn in the USA.

    The Nazi women’s concentration camp guards were called “Raven’s Women.” (Ravensbruck). Watching The View, I believe we have Raven’s Women’s in training in America. CNN & MSLSD certifies that. FOX has issues but at least they offer eye candy. Then there is Tweet & FACEBOOK.

    Americas Judeo Christian heritage is being nullified. People do not talk to one another, face to face. Flash ‘mobs’, Tweets are preferred. America is full of people waiting to step forward in lockstep. That is reminiscent of Stalin’s Russia & Hitler’s Germany.

    A Move On person said to me in 2008, someday people like you will not be around & we will have our way. Be careful what you wish for!

    Election Day, caveat emptor.

  19. James Anderson says:

    What happened in Charlottesville is someone went looking for a fight and they got one. No difference here.

  20. Charles Martel says:

    The “tolerant” Left showing its colors … again.

  21. Richard Slaybaugh says:

    Interesting that all the comments defend the freedom of speech and criticize the left wing biased propaganda spewing lying media for their false characterization of these incidents. Leftist brownshirts, encouraged and financed by Demokrats and George Soros, will now be met with resistance and defense. We the people have had it up to here. CBS had better wake up. we all see through your lies and propaganda.

  22. Jeanne Prokop King says:

    So, let me get this straight. People are appalled that there were other people speaking at a PRIVATE CLUB and that they ENGAGED the obvious perpetrators of the earlier damage?
    How DARE they peak up for themselves and not allow the unruly anti American MOB contorl them!

  23. Grizz Mann says:

    You cannot beat the old Democrat Community/Alinsky Organizers, KKK, OWS, Antifa, BLM, DNC, LGBTQ+ ,ISIS, etc., tactic of intimidation and hate on display. They never fail to maintain their image, do they? Well, you can beat them at the ballot box.

  24. Cartlund Monson says:

    Cowardly property damage and a threatening note. Well, these circle-A boys are about as scary as a UN proclamation.The ‘assault’ was probably Antifa guys bumping into a Proud Boy who recognized them from the event. They panicked, pepper sprayed him and threw their protest signs at him to trip him up so they could run away faster.

  25. John Crutcher says:

    violence doesn’t “erupt”. it is committed. The use of neutral/passive language is a deliberate dodge of responsibility on the part of the violent leftists. If this was not a garbage outlet , the headline might say. Protesters outside of a moderate conservative event become violent, 3 arrests. If you can’t even tell the truth in the headline, how can you be trusted for honesty in the story?

  26. Doug Wallace says:

    pANTIFA – always have their panties in a bunch.

  27. The left dress in masks and hoodies and beat people with sticks and call conservatives Nazis and fascists. They are the mob, the Democrats are the mob, they are criminals that call for violence like Maxine Waters. This is nothing but anti-American propaganda by anti-American CBS. I can’t wait for the big red wave in less than 3 weeks.

  28. Markus Baccus says:

    Oh man, the “far” right again, advocating for radical ideas like freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.

    How long before ordinary Americans forcefully reject this slander and start stringing up “journalists” that cover for the violent, radical communists that are trying to drive freedom of thought out of the town square? I pray that day will come soon. You are indeed the enemy of the American people and we are well past the point where we should be civil… to you.

  29. Jim Steiger says:

    The “New York Public Advocate” engages in open character assassination and argument by name-calling when it has already been established that “Antifa” thugs were involved. Gavin McInnes is a humorist and libertarian, and is certainly not “far right.:” Fire this idiotic “public advocate” and get someone with a brain.

  30. Billy Rumble says:

    What’s their definition of hate? Any white guy acting uppity?

    1. Acting uppity? No, just breathing.

  31. Michael Gerardi says:

    Are there ANY groups on the right who AREN’T “far” right? Just askin’ . . . .

  32. Dan Purcell says:

    Behind every act of violence perpetrated by progressives, liberals, socialist and communists are Mobs of democrat politicians, CNN and MSNBC fake news mouth pieces fanning the flames of anarchy…look it up for yourselves.

  33. Gavin isn’t far right. He’s simply a libertarian and a comedian. Just watch one of his podcasts on youtube or watch his interviews with Joe Rogan (The Joe Rogan Experience) on youtube. The author of the article has no idea on who they’re writing about.

    1. Oh yes the author knows. It is all part of “normalizing” Pantifa (hat tip another blogger here!) fascism for pantywaist lefties in the enlightened capital of ‘progressivism!’

  34. Dan Purcell says:

    I see Racists everywhere…and they are liberals and progressives.

  35. Morey Ladini says:

    Antifa is not “anti fascist” – they’re STALINISTS.

  36. Rocco Henderson says:

    Liars or builder? Mobs or jobs? ….voting GOP this time.

  37. Ian Wanker says:

    It was reported that several antifa members were found crying afterwards. I hope they’re ok.

  38. Gavin McInnis is hilarious and charming. You could probably describe hims as a western chauvanist with a libertarian bent, but he’s no “Nazi.” Honestly, where do these people get their information?

    1. James Howard says:

      There is an effort to gather information…..can not say how much or the source…….then editorialize the life out of it, until up is down and inside is out.

  39. Todd Clemmer says:

    The proud boys are patriots. More effective against the leftist mobs than the police.

  40. Christopher-Johnson Hearsh says:

    The Proud Boys are CONSERVATIVES AND LIBERTARIANS. All races.. both straight and gay. They love our President and they love our country! Finally, a group of men that aren’t afraid to PUSH BACK when left wing extremists bring violence to our streets!

  41. John Sullivan says:

    Random street and political violence, radical Moslems, illegal alien criminals, and Democrat Party Brownshirted Antifa and BLM thugs on the streets is why all lawful Americans and legal residents, of any race, any color, any religion, man or women, or sexual orientation needs to learn how to use and lawfully carry firearms on their person. When the government, at any level, is not able to or refuses to protect her citizens then the people need to take matters into their own hands. The right of self-defense predates the second amendment as it is a natural right for humans to defend their person, their property, and others from the predatory actions of other humans. It has been that way ever since man created the first tools and used them as weapons.

  42. As stated above, the Proud Boys are ABSOLUTELY NOT “far right.”

  43. Andrew Clayterman says:

    Finbarr Slonim is an extremely rich brat.. the son of a suicidal drug abusing father that jumped off Lincoln Center’s Illumination Lawn to his death.. Unfortunately he didn’t have his brat son under his arm.

  44. Carl Mayo says:

    typical liberal mantra: if you disagree with someone, simply call them racists.

  45. Donny Dingle says:

    You can help stop this nonsense by helping to vote Democrats OUT!

  46. You idiots parroting the description “far-right” for groups that are NOT FAR RIGHT is part of the problem. You, yourselves are fueling Antifa.

    1. It’s all part of the Left’s agenda to redefine their enemy. The use of language as a tool to delegitimize the Conservative movement has been a tactic of the Left since at least the Bolshevik Revolution 100 years ago. They have had lots of practice time, sympathetic city officials in NYC, and a willing, complicit media.

  47. Barry Hirsh says:

    So what do Vance and Cuomo do? They side with the mob.

    And snort with haughty, hypocritical self-righteousness.

  48. David Alster says:

    Democratic brownshirts are following party orders.

  49. mjazzguitar says:

    Hillary said it will stop if you vote democrat.

  50. Gene Rey says:

    Finbarr, Kai, and Caleb. ‘Nuff said.

    1. Bill Aveda says:

      Bingo !

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