NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A 4-year-old boy who got separated from his mother at a subway station in Brooklyn was later found on Tuesday morning at a station in Manhattan.

Police put out an alert about the child when he was last seen at the Broadway Junction station in Brooklyn.

Sources told CBS2 the mom thought her son was behind her, but when she turned around, he was gone. Every police officer in the area was brought over to search, but there was no sign of the boy.

Somehow the boy ended up on a Manhattan-bound J train and was found crying at the Canal Street station.

The NYPD had posted the child’s picture on Twitter, and later that morning a man spotted Cummings on a Manhattan-bound J train.

“I was going the long way, and I didn’t know which way I was going and then he found me,” the toddler told CBS2’s Scott Rapoport.

“I missed my mommy,” he said.

NYPD Officers Kevin McCardle and Chester Chung say they wanted to get the boy, brought him to the Fifth Precinct, made sure he was okay, and set about reuniting him with his mother on FaceTime.

They even picked him up a Happy Meal from McDonald’s, to make sure he didn’t head to the reunion on an empty stomach.

“The mother was overwhelmed and excited that we have found her child,” McCardle said.

The 4-year-old was back with his mom shortly before noon – sound and happy.