NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A school bus smashed into several parked cars after police say the driver lost control Thursday afternoon in Brooklyn.

Investigators say the driver suffered a medical episode prior to the crash.

The bus struck several parked cars before coming to a stop near the corner of Bedford Avenue and Wilson Street in Williamsburg, according to police. Sam Smith’s brand new blue Infiniti was one of the cars crushed in the mess.

“I was upstairs laying down, I heard a big commotion,” said Smith. “When I looked there it was, my car was crumpled.”

His new car was banged up so badly he could barely retrieve anything inside. Ronaldo Arias owns an SUV that he may never be able to drive again. He said his wife was just coming out of work when the chain reaction crash happened.

“Thank God she was not in the carm” said Arias. “She was about to open the car when he hit the car.”

The driver of the bus was taken to an area hospital for evaluation. Many say it was a miracle that no children were on the bus at the time of the crash, which remains under investigation.

  1. Gene Rey says:

    Let the kids WALK (like in the old days) & this wouldn’t happen. BUT, they’re too pampered, nannied and sissified these days so it is what it is I guess. SMILE when you pay your taxes sheeple!

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