NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Two women trapped in a burning car after a crash in New Jersey were pulled out in the nick of time.

The fiery scene of panic and desperation was caught on a police officer’s body camera as he rushed to the scene to help.

Officials say one of the women crashed her car into a tree in North Brunswick. Police Officer Anthony Torres had been on patrol near Route 130 and Finnegan’s Lane when he noticed a commotion on the side of the road.

He sprinted when he saw smoke spewing from the front of the vehicle, his body camera rolling as good Samaritans were frantically trying to get them to safety.

“I saw the vehicle could catch fire and then explode,” Torres said.

He knew it was a race against time to get the driver and her passenger out. The passenger was able to get through the window when her door got stuck, but the driver was apparently suffering from a leg injury and was in no position to climb out herself.

“First thing I wanna do is get her out of there, get everyone to safety,” Torres said.

With the fire spreading, other men joined the officer in attempting to pull the driver through the window.

“I noticed that the vehicle starts to catch on fire,” Torres said. “At that point, I grab her by the belt, just yank her out of the car and drag her away from the vehicle.”

Torres gave credit to the group who also risked their own lives to give him help.

“It’s nice to see other people help,” he said. “I don’t feel like a hero, I was just doing my job.”

The driver of the car remains in the hospital, where she’s recovering from her injuries.